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the most Hilarius show I've ever seen, 5 April 2008

About this show this has a lot of Hilarius parts of the episodes. Britney Wuatch is the funniest part in the show when she had a zit on her face and when she was taking a pee. There's another Hilarius part where Terrence or Phillips said "Im Not Your Guy Fran" and "Im Not Your Fran Buddy". Another funny part is when Cartman, Eric, and the others in line waiting and somebody tells them about who's in line star wars kid, the person with a song called mi a he mi a ha, sneezing panda, and the prairie dog. This show is the best to watch I hope this show makes it funny for you to watch it is more better than any Comedy Central show on TV for late nights.

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a very bad movie that people should see (garbage), 2 April 2008

I seen bits and pieces of this movie and this movie is horrible. Heres the rules about this movie. First Dewey Cox does something to a teenage girl and he said that she is going to have babies and the frontal nudity is showing and it is very inappropriate thing to do. Second saying bad language to take care of babies is very terrible. Third those immigrants are also suppose to be in a different country because they should not let these guys help Dewey Cox. Fourth Those animals that Dewey cox has should have not be in this film because a ape should live in the jungles at Afrca and the giraffe too. Last they should of made this movie NC-17 for bad language, frontal teenage girl nudity, and sex humor. I hate you Dewey Cox your confusing everyone to see this movie.

Sesame Street is a Masterpiece, 24 February 2008

Sesame Street is a very excellent show for little children to watch and learn. Carrol Spinney is excellent at Big Bird. Elmo is a pretty cute monster. Jim Henson is defiantly good at Ernie. This show is about learning and have fun with your favorite characters. This show started since 1969 made by Jim Henson who makes puppets and costumes for the show. In 2008 they did Elmo on Wheel of Fourtune once and Oscar the grouch for 25th Aniversery of Wheel of Fourtune. Big Bird is a yellow bird and he lives in house with his nest. They made a movie of Big Bird called Follow That Bird in 1985 where Big Bird goes see the Dodo's and then Big Bird goes back to Sesame Street because he did not get interested in them. This show is great you will like this show it is so educational for children.

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Why does Drew Barrymore can't do new episodes anymore, 24 February 2008

I definitely think this episode is very funny. In this episode Jillian dates with Brian again and then Brian is going to take Jillian to see Disney on Ice. But then Peter Griffen wants to go. So Brian says he can take his ticket. But Jillian said that Stitch is gonna skate with Sabastan the Crab. So Peter Griffen puts on his Donald Duck costume and that is Hilarius. Then with Meg Griffen she was at the store and Carl the store manager thinks that shes a b or something because of friends to have. So then Stewie drops the shelves of magazines and then Meg cleans them up. Then Carl thinks that Meg should work here. Peter Griffen and Jillian was out at the park and Peter was saying his new language means thank you and then Brian wants to move with Jillian. Then Chris Griffen wants a job because he does not have enough money. So then Chris was talking with Carl about a movie that one girl was hot in this movie. Stewie was with Brian at Jillian's house and lied to pay the rent. This episode is very funny watch this episode and see how this episode makes you feel. To be continued.

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a very Hilarius Family Guy movie, 24 February 2008

I have that movie and it is so funny. The first part in the movie is very funny. The Kool Aid guy is funny with Drew Barrymore, Cleveland Brown, and the Greased Up Deaf Guy. This movie is about a untold story of Stewie himself in the future where he sees Stewie as a grown up. So the Griffen's went to a pool. Peter Griffen knew that there was a new store in Quahog. So Peter Griffen thinks of a very good TV show with the channel 5 Action News station. His show will be (Do You Know What Grinds Your Gears). So then Tom Tucker got fired. Stewie stops drinking and then gets drunk. So then Brian takes Stewie to the Drunken Clam to get him more drunk. Just then the car was crashed into the Drunken Clam when they got drunk. So the Channel 5 News was on to tell the story what has happen. Then another show of What Really Grinds My Gears the last part and then gets fired then says F word and sensors it. This movie is funny you will like Peter Griffen's funny show even more.

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one of my favorite warner bros movie, 24 February 2008

It is a very good movie to watch for the whole family. Gene Wilder is a very fantastic actor as Willy Wonka. Jack Ablertson is very good at Grandpa Joe. Peter Ostrum did a wonderful job as Charlie Bucket. The end of the movie was perfect. This movie is about Charlie Bucket was looking for Wonka's Golden Ticket so that he wins and gets to see the Wonka's Factory. Finding the Golden Ticket is to look for any Wonka Bars. There are about 5 Golden Tickets to allow five children to his factory to win. Charlie Bucket won the Golden Ticket. So he runs home and tells the family that Charlie won the golden ticket. But then Slugworth showed up to Charlie to do not forget to find an Everlasting Gobstoper. This movie is the best you will really like this movie and Gene Wilder.

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dumb show but sometimes fun to watch, 23 February 2008

This show is really silly. Hip Hop Harry is kind of a stupid bear who dances around with the kids. I would say Barney and Friends is more better and also Sesame Street too. They maybe should of not made this show G on TLC and Discovery kids. They should of made it TV-Y for young stuff, a dancing Hip Hop Harry, and kids. The clips on the soup is kind of funny. Like the dried apples and Scott to create his own costume. I bet David Joyner is better in the Barney dinosaur costume better than Hip Hop Harry. There is defiantly not enough learning but some are fine This show is so silly watch better shows than this it is so dumb and not too educational for children.

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You May Kiss The Husband, 23 February 2008

I have that movie on HD DVD combo format. It is such a very funny movie. Adam Sandler is very hysterical. Kevin James is also Hilarius. Dan Ayckroyd is a very good actor. Ving Rhames is very funny. This movie is about gay firefighters that puts out fire in buildings in New York. There names where Chuck Levine and Larry Valentine. Chuck Then they got hurt and laying down in the hospital. Then Chuck was with Hooters girls inside a car. Then a little later they went to Niagra Falls to get married gay. Chuck had a girlfriend her name is Alex McDonough. So Chuck and Larry went to a costume party and need to find Alex Mcdonough. Chuck was dressed as a Vampire and Larry was dressed as an Apple. So Chuck found a person in a playmate costume (Davide Spade). They found her wearing a costume of the cat. This movie is so Hilarius you will definitely watch this movie and you will laugh so very hard.

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everyone should watch this show when there kids and it's a great show, 23 February 2008

I have seen this show when I was younger. It is a really good show to watch. It is very educational for children 1 to 8 years old. Barney is definitely super DE duper. B.J. is pretty funny. Babie Bop is very cute. The kids are very cool too. This show is about learning about numbers kinda like sesame street but different type of show and characters like Barney the purple dinosaur, B.J. the yellow dinosaur with a baseball hat on his head, and Baby Bop the cute green dinosaur with a pink bow. The first one that started was very old Barney and Friends show. But then the second one was different to be new episodes. Also the last one in the 2000 was new scene of Barney's park. They also have a show of Barney at Universal Studios in Florida where you see Barney, B.J., and Baby Bop and then when the show is done you get to go play, shop and meet Barney. It's a very good show watch this show when you learn about many things you will like it the movie, and the live show at Universal Studios Florida.

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A Very Funny Man With One Red Shoe, 1 January 2008

This is a Hilarius movie. Tom Hanks is so Hysterical you will laugh when he does all his magic. James Belushi was very funny. This movie is about a investigation about a man with one red shoe named Richard Harlan Drew. He rides on a bicycle, plays the violin, and his magic came to life. But then Something was happened to Richard's house. People where about to break in and investigate there house. Just then when Richard returns back to the office he went in the house and then he did not know that there was a poison dart But he was still alive a long hour when they left. Then when he got up he saw that the bathroom was mixed up with different parts. But then Paula went inside Richard's house and then did the Tarzan. In one part Richard Harlan Drew had a girlfriend named Maddy. This movie is so Hilarius you will laugh at Tom Hanks.

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