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The Tenth Month (1979) (TV)
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Carol Burnett - one of the finest dramatic actresses!, 22 October 2006

Carol Burnett is best known as one of America's greatest comediennes, but she has delivered some of the finest dramatic performances in such television films as "Friendly Fire," "The Tenth Month," "Life of the Party: The Story of Beatrice," "Between Friends," "Seasons of the Heart" and "Love After Death." She is simply as ingratiating in drama as she is in comedy. In "The Tenth Month" Burnett brings her innate human quality to her portrayal of an unwed mother. Many actresses could have handled this role quite capably; few of them, however, could have matched Burnett's genuinely endearing persona. She makes us care for the character and her inner conflicts, even if the script is not the most interesting. Watching her it is easy to see why she is the most honored woman in television history.

The Marriage Fool (1998) (TV)
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Matthau & Burnett - extraordinary icons of American film!, 22 October 2006

Walter Matthau and Carol Burnett are beloved icons of American film, each of whom has given us countless hours of wonderful entertainment over an expanse of numerous decades. Their extraordinary performances in 1998's "Love After Death" lift this story to a higher plane. Watch them achieve the same in 1972's bitter-sweet comedy "Pete 'n Tillie." They have such great chemistry that it's really too bad they didn't work together more often over the years. Watching their portrayals as widowed senior citizens who find love is a moving experience. Burnett deserved the American Comedy Award she won for this film, but Matthau should have been honored as well.