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ATM (2012/I)
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ATM ( A Terrible Movie), 15 March 2012

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Why? This movie not only asks you suspend belief, but it asks you to tear it into tiny pieces, light it on fire and then bury it. I was hoping it might be a 'trapped scenario' film with some good writing and twists to get around a weak premise. Nope. Everything the characters do is beyond stupid and if you have half a brain through the entire film you'll be asking yourself why they don't do the obvious. 1 Guy, 3 of them...umm run in different directions? Maybe..for a start...

Anyway, the film is boring and predictable (except that you're hoping for some sort of brilliant twist or SOMETHING worth your time at the end), a modest 3M$ budget can't excuse a horrible script, with horrible contrived plot manipulation ( the one character randomly slips when he tries to run to get help? the camera only records 3 second intervals? they couldn't set off an alarm in the span of a full night between three brains at a mall parking lot? Are walk in ATM's randomly situated in the middle of parking lots away from everything else? Why wouldn't either guy decide to team up and go kick his ass, it was apparent he had no gun as he didn't use it to kill the pedestrian and never at any point showed one, I could go on forever.) I've seen many many cheap films with much better outcomes.

On the upside, the design is fine, the acting is fine, but it doesn't account for the rest of it. I wasted my 90 mins, but you don't have to, go to an ATM, take out some money, and go see another film.

The Box (2009/I)
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An original and challenging take on a classic morality tale, 17 November 2009

I wasn't sure on what to expect from THE BOX. I am a huge fan of Darko, but also saw the mess that became of Southland Tales, whether or not that was a studio botch up, who knows. With the Box I was pleasantly surprised. It was a throwback to classic sci-fi paranoia films that hint at much larger devious happenings, but center on an intimate character base.

The slow build, and creepy tension was very effective to the tone and theme of the entire film. Any change in such pacing, would have lead to the typical Hollywood or 'MTV' style, that just wouldn't have served this story's purpose correctly. Everything from the strange looking/acting extras littered throughout, to the low-end score, to the minimal explanation of what exactly was going on, added an entire focused thread of underlying dread, and the shrinking sense of hope for our greedy, though well meaning, lead characters. This was something well thought out and put into motion by Richard Kelly, from the first act through to the end. Richard Matheson's short story, which this was based on, NOT the Twilight Zone ep , which was another take on the story, was one of morality and greed which were still the central elements of THE BOX. Being only some 8 pgs long, expanding it into a feature with substance would have been no easy task, but was done so with style, originality and leaves the viewer with lingering thoughts about the film. Many have and will compare this to DARKO for whether or not it is as profound, but I found it to be an entirely different film, thematically and emotionally. It's tone is completely different, as are the messages and intents of this film. Where Darko left us with questions internally, THE BOX leaves the viewer with more external questions, involving the world around us. Such as, knowing human nature, would the test of the BOX ever come to an end? Decent acting, great creepy visuals, and looming atmosphere add to the slow chilling ride. Its not for everyone, but for those who get where its coming from, its a treat.

Quarantine (2008)
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Quarantine, spoiled by its own trailer (*spoilers* but if you've seen the trailer, no worries), 26 October 2008

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OK, I don't know if Im the only one who can't stand having seen an entire movie through having seen the trailer before hand, but lately things have gotten to a whole new level. Now they are showing the final scene of a film in the trailer (they did it with the Grudge 2 as well), and on the movie's poster??? I went to go see this with out too much of a build-up, and got about 20 minutes into the film when I thought to myself, "man I hope that scene in the trailer where she gets dragged away isn't right at the end of the movie, cause that would be a huge cop-out'. Of course it was, and the whole movie predictably led up to it, knowing that no one was getting out alive and that she was going to be the final survivor.

Aside from that massive marketing cop-out or 'cheating the audience out of an ending they haven't seen already on TV', the movie was alright. Nothing groundbreaking (Cloverfield was far superior in intensity and use of 1st person POV) or original. I thought it was very predictable, but had a few cool sequences, but all of them seemed to come right in the final act. The acting was decent, the FX were easily overlooked because of the lighting and camera trickery which is a great way to stretch a budget for a film like this. Id wait to rent it, it won't suffer on a smaller screen and might even benefit in its intensity minus a large audience. Im sure plenty of people will like the scares, but I found them few and far between. Haven't seen the original, but for it to warrant a remake, Im sure its superior, shot for shot, or not.

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An Old School Western, With A New School Flare, 8 September 2008

Six Reason's Why is an echo of earlier creations of both Sergio Leone and Sam Peckinpah, if on a smaller scale. If you like these filmmakers, chances are you will appreciate SRW. If you don't know these filmmakers, its still definitely worth a look for its layered storytelling, and new take on old school westerns.

After viewing the film, I was quite impressed, knowing that this film was shot with a shoe-string budget, didn't really cross my mind while I was watching it. That in itself is a feat. Also working with relatively unknown actors (aside from Feore, who's scenes are short but sweet), one might think that without a lightening pace, interest could fade. It doesn't. In fact it builds throughout the film as each character's pasts and motives come to light. Some are explained more than others, which leaves some questions to be asked, but in a good way, a la the man with no name. The story is told in a Tarantino-esquire, non linear format that leaves the viewer hanging, and the slow build to the inevitable showdown is done with sharp stylized dialogue, splashes of violence and some beautiful eye candy shots.

This film is not for the impatient, but if you stick with it, you will find it rewarding with its post-apocalyptic hinted setting, cryptic storytelling and an outcome that will leave you wanting to know more about the story, after the film ends. A great little indie film. Qudos to the Bros Campagna, looking forward to see what comes next.

The Signal (2007)
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A Low Budget Visionary MASTERPIECE!!!, 13 June 2008

I rented this flick hearing rumors it was good, damn was that an understatement. This movie was mind-blowing. Being an indie filmmaker myself, I was amazed at the simple creativity, style and thought that went into this gem. Being written and directed by three individuals had me a little skeptical, but it definitely worked in their favour.

First off, the begginning of the film got my attention right off the bat, It was quick, stylish and bold. The following first sequence was just as striking. It moved with lightening pace and with intensity. The middle section added some great dead-pan humour, that I found myself laughing out loud at, then literally jumping back into suspense and intensity. The last third of the film, rounded the story out in a realistic and grim style, that also stood out on it's own. I didn't want this movie to end.

The characters were very well developed throughout the story, and added to the humour and chills, slipping seamlessly from humorous situations, to the insane and horrific. The fx were excellent and not over used.

Overall, I'd have to say the story, though conceived before in other ways, worked soo damn well here because of the way it was brought about by the directors. Kudos to the filmmakers for a very sic, groundbreaking and inspiring piece of work.

Shrooms (2007)
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Great Style, Ruined By The Ol Cliché Ending, 10 June 2008

SHROOMS was a decent little indie flick, with excellent camera work (great use of wide shots), decent acting and a looming atmosphere. The only thing, is that anyone whos seen this type of film, and you'll know what I mean when watching, you'll have the ending figured out the second things start going wrong. Once you got that figured, you'll also find things move a little too slowly, considering you know the ending. The flashback or vision sequences (nothing like an actual shroom trip but) look cool, but soon begin to occur a little too often and begin to lack substance to move the story along. Maybe it was just me, but I was a little bored during the last 15-20 mins of the film, which should be the most intense in this type of film.

Over all, SHROOMS is at least worth checking out, but doesn't set any new standards, or leave you wanting to tell other people they gotta see it. Check it out if you like this genre, skip it if you can see an ending coming way too soon when its handed right to you.

The Ruins (2008)
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Got Under My Skin, 19 April 2008

I wasn't expecting too much going to see this, but knowing that it was an adaptation from a novel I figured it had to be a decent story at least. I was pleasantly surprised. It definitely wasn't your average 'horror' film, if you want recycled bullshit go see the travesty that is Prom Night. This is different. It literally got under my skin at a few parts and made me squirm, and that pretty tough to do to me. The story resembled a Stephen King-esquire short story. It was grim, unpleasant, and gory. It didn't use conventional scare tactics (which are so overdone these days) but used a tone of dread and hopelessness to get to the viewer. Check it out if your looking for that type of film, cheers

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AVPR Fans Are Too Bitchy, 19 April 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

OK so it wasn't Citizen Kane, but what were you expecting.This was the 8th, count that, 8th installment in a series of two different film franchises, all with differing directors. To hit the themes and feel of the originals, the Brothers Strauss did a pretty damn good job. People complain of lack of story, but think back to say, Alien- An alien hops on board and kills people. Aliens- Marines go to rescue people from aliens. OK? Predator- A Predator stalks and kills some elite warriors in a jungle, ...So its not all in the story, but the presentation and production. Did AVPR deliver some very cool visuals, hell yes, I am a huge fan of the originals, and they not only paid homage but added the same music that made the first ones so good. The violence wasn't toned down for 13 yr olds like the first AVPR, OK, another improvement. Yes the film was a bit too dark in certain scenes, but it added to the tension in this movie, go back and watch the first Alien, very dark, and again, on purpose. When I first saw AVP ( the first one) I was appalled, they obeyed no rules of the previous films, they toned down the violence to that of a teletubbies episode, and the Predators looked like body builders, swollen and beefed up waaay too much. Now in this installment, things were done right, the predators looked great, like in the original, not over done with stupid weapons. The aliens looked great, more like the ones in Aliens. The Pred-Alien was a great little addition, much better than the half breed thing in Alien 4. It added a new element of undiscovered country, that a film like AVPR should do, to push boundaries. If the film just did the same things over again, it would have become too tired. I also liked the fact they brought the Weiland-Yutani Corp into the picture, reinstating the fact that this film takes place decades and decades before the first Alien.

Over all this film was a huge raise on the bar over the first AVP, which should have never been made by such a flashy and uneducated directer. They made this movie for fans, as I am one and was rooting for the Predator to rip out some Alien tongues. They did not make this for bitchy little fans who have forgotten what the entire franchise was all about. Sitting back, enjoying the suspense and picking someone to root for, thats why these movies are made, not for critics to tear part the lack of storyline or unworthy Oscar performances ( remember, Sigourney was an unknown in the first one, and Arnie is missing a best actor statue). So to all the pms-ing fan boys who got a little 'perturbed' and thought this was 'atrocious', go back and watch Alien 4 and Predator 2, because neither are as good as this film, then go watch Star Wars Ep 1 and do all the bitching you want, thats where it belongs, cheers.

BloodRayne (2005)
Boll Defines Bad Filmaking, 3 June 2006

Wow, Please someone put Uwe Boll out of his misery. I gave him one last chance with this movie because of the actors that he somehow got onboard, and the trailer looked as though it might have some promise. Good god was I so very wrong. Micheal Madsen seems to have lost his ability to act. He sounds like he's reading his lines off a chalkboard, or intentionally trying to make people laugh. Ben Kingsley seemed like he realized what a mistake he'd made by signing on and didn't even attempt, because he knew it was hopeless. The editing is brutal, the dialogue is juvenile and foreign at best, the fight choreography is on par with fifth grade wrestling matches, the effects at times were half decent and at others laugh out loud bad. Christina Loken's breasts were amazing. That being said, Go find any copy of this movie and burn it before you waste anytime watching it.