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Engagaing and intense look at psychological warfare, humiliation, and egomania, 9 April 2006

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Das Experiment is a tight ass film. It's a thought-provoking and well-performed look at an experiment where a number of male volunteers are placed in an experimental environment where some are chosen to be prisoners and some are chosen to be guards with the incentive to complete the experiment being a cash payoff.

What unfolds after the experiment is underway a clash of egos between a headstrong "prisoner" (who is actually an undercover investigative journalist) and a strict and cruel "guard" who appears at first to be quiet and introverted but eventually becomes mad with power. Their struggle splits the prisoners and guards down the middle and turns 'em frothy on each other. Sh!t gets real real quick. Pretty intense stuff and sometimes uncomfortable to watch.

This film kicked my balls in and made me sit there and think about it--9/10.

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Very decent action/horror throwback to old horror comics from Ronny Yu, 9 April 2006

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Ronny Yu's (The Bride With White Hair & Freddy Vs. Jason director) The Trail is a solid Kong horror flick from early in the guy's career. Many Hong Kong horror films from the early eighties owe a great deal to the influence of western films and this one is no exception with nods to Carpenter's The Thing and also The Exorcist.

Elvis Tsui and his bald ugly ass attempt to rape a girl and the squirrelly young guy that tries to thwart him ends up drowned in a fish tank. So Elvis cons a bunch of unknowing monks into taking the corpse away for him but along the way, they lose the body in a swamp. Then it turns into a goopy swamp zombie which looks like it was torn from the pages of an old EC horror comic and seeks out revenge.

The Trail is a great looking film with a little bit of comedy and kung fu action tossed around with some good location shooting and a smidgen of gore and creature magic. Kent Cheng is in this one and he will be recognizable to HK film fans from a slew of roles from the '80's through the '90's. This is one of the better horrors to come out of Hong Kong at the time--it's rather tame but enjoyable nonetheless. Recommended for those who enjoyed The Imp and Close Encounters of the Spooky Kind--7/10.

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Great gore, unoriginal concept, 8 April 2006

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Some of you will be familiar with this film because it was very successful in Thailand and its buzz reached our shores. It is a name-only sequel to the solid yet way tamer Art of The Devil.

Long Khong shows that American slasher films have made their mark on the world--feels a lot like a late '90s slasher entry...In other words, the film has a heavy Western influence in style and storytelling. It even has strong gory deaths like those in some contemporary Western movies such as Hostel, Aja's Hills, and Torched (not that it's a ripoff or anything, just pointing out a similarity). It also was interesting to see a film from Thailand with Thais as sorcerers as this is a common trait of '80s Hong Kong horror flicks that I enjoy--e.g., Seeding of a Ghost and The Devil. It also owes those films a nod for using their gimmicks--gory curses, animal body horror, eating of sick sh!t/puking, et al.

The first forty minutes or so of this movie coulda gone by a lot quicker. The background story is that a teenage boy with a wicked stepmom tries to catch the beautiful bitch in the act of an affair. This backfires and leads to stepmamasan's extramarital lover terrorizing them--the kid and his snoopy friends--with a gun. They get away and then the brats decide to go to a sorcerer to cast a spell for revenge. Next thing ya know, lover boy has an attack of fish-hooks-erupting-through-the-skinitis and the ol' lady starts going off her nut and they see 'er stickin' 'erself in the leg and then she just sort of goes into the background for a li'l while.

Later down the line (months, possibly years), the group of kids has a reunion at their friend-with-the-f'ed-up-stepmother's house and, conveniently, stepmom's still hanging around--though she seems pleasant enough. But guess what? She is way into black magic and wants some revenge for herself. Gory set-pieces include some cool torture scenes (boiling kettle of water poured into the agape mouth of a young man with drug-induced paralysis and the use of a blowtorch on his shins and their subsequent skinning) and some nice and gruesome body curses (the aforementioned fish hooks, lizard's burrowing out of a man's back, a girl who claws her eyes out and has her face boiled off). There is also an Asian ghost story spin to the whole thing to get it just a little more complicated.

As a horror movie, Art of the Devil 2 is not very original and its pacing in the beginning could've been a lot faster. One of the things that made it hard to follow (especially being as there were no subtitles on this bitch) was the fact that too many times flashbacks were used as exposition--gimme a break, man, I'm an American...Just keep it simple, will ya? Also, even though this movie didn't exactly scream for nudity, it would've elevated my grading of it by a point.

It was entertaining enough as a horror film though and the bloody-as-hell ultra-violence on display in the second half of the film makes up for the deficiencies of the rest of this thing, in my opinion. For fans of hard gore and torture, this is pretty much a must-see...if you weren't already aware of the hype. Give it a look--8/10.

3 out of 5 people found the following review useful:'ve seen worse probably, 5 April 2006

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Treat the fake snuff film lover in you to a good time with Masami Akita's sepukku (or is it seppuku?) film Lost Paradise. Basically, ya get a chick in a soldier's uniform taking her top off and slicing her belly open for a reeeeeally long time and then letting her guts spill out for what seems like forever.

Lost Paradise is a semi-boring (even at little over a half an hour) Japanese harakiri video that should really only be seen by true fans of Asian shockers. The gore quotient is nice but not earth-shaking. The noise "soundtrack" by Merzbow reminded me of the squishing of guts or just crumpled up vinyl--not sure which. Ya might as well give this one a look if you're tired of watching Dead Alive for the 37th time--same difference, really. I appreciated it and I'm sure some of you weirdos will love it. I give it a 6 outta 10.

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Artful weird erotic torture comedy that panders to a lot of fetishes, 2 April 2006

From director "Gaira" comes another prime chunk of sleaze in this last of his installments (as far as I know) of his Guts of a Virgin films. The first two entries in the series are J-splatter gold. This third one takes a different, less bloodthirsty and more sensual and erotic turn (but still has strong violence) with a number of fetishes highlighted and some NICE over the top sexual depravity.

"Female Inquisitor" Hikiru Ichijiru and her gang of miscreants use torture and seduction (and a crazy orgasm-o-tronic bed) to pry the whereabouts of some missing money from some guys who knows where an embezzled fortune. the first guy gets some fingernail pulling and cock-pliering, the second guy gets wild sex (??). I can't really fill you in on all the pertinent plot points because the film is a bit convoluted and hard to describe, but rest assured there are plenty of things to watch out for for the sleaze-lover, especially the ridiculous climax! I really dug this film and it exceeded my expectations. Rusted Body is recommended for all you crazy cats who wanna know how to have a fun time spanking it to weird Japanese softcore porn. 9/10.

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Cheap, dirty, gorgeous, 2 April 2006

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Shinya Tsukamoto puts lashings of ultraviolence and cheap, dirty visual awesomeness on the screen for your enjoyment in Tetsuo. The thing that really struck me was how low-budget yet effective this whacked-out mini-masterpiece is.

After a car accident leaves a "metal fetishist"(he sticks re-bar in his leg and runs metal across his teeth, among other things) for dead, the man who drove the car that hit him starts transforming into a weird machine monster (and so does his old lady--also present at the metal fetishist's accident). The two mutating lovers have a good ol' time attempting to have sex and drill-raping each other. Long story short, the girlfriend melts into a pile of crap and the metal fetishist is reborn from her mess to take on the guy who left him for dead in a cyberpunk/metal monster showdown.

All of this film is visually very impressive and the sound design, likewise, is appropriate for the cyber-body horror with which Tsukamoto rapidly bludgeons you. I have to recommend this film to all who haven't seen it, especially fans of Japanese horror cinema and weird cult films. 8.5/10.

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Awesome Cat III actioner, 26 March 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This review is based on the Director's Cut of the film. The DC has a lot of additional footage and extended scenes including some lesbian nipple-licking with Princess and Baby, a few crucial nanoseconds of gore in a lot of places (especially helpful to the scene where Cindy and Kitty rip a guy to shreds with wire at a dance club), and a really asinine additional line added to the scene where Jerky accidentally eats the deceased's severed penis that is horrendously stupid.

Naked Killer is one of the most notorious Cat III films out there but it's not nearly the sickest of the bunch. What it does pull off is scene after scene of improbable and kickass action sequences, inane awful comedy, and good ol' graphic violence that doesn't let ya down.

Tinam (Simon Yam) is a recently traumatized Hong Kong cop who recently accidentally shot and killed his brother and now he can't hold his gun steady without puking. He gets romantically mixed up with bad girl Kitty (Chingmy Yau). Kitty gets involved with an assassin--Miss Cindy--after she blazes into the office of her stepmother's lover (he killed her father) and turns it into a war zone, resulting in pencil stabbings and an awesome car-park shootout/flying kick spectacle.

So Miss Cindy shows Kitty the ropes of the cleaner biz and gives her a new identity. After a couple hits that Cindy and Kitty, Tinam and the cops start moving in on them. When Tinam and his partner Jerky go to question a "stewardess" in the public execution of a ganglord, Tinam sees Kitty again and he gets a stiffie. Bummer, cause she denies that that's who she is. Still, they go out on a date. It's on this date that an old acquaintance of the couple is killed by Kitty's "senior"--a much more seasoned and vicious assassin that Cindy taught named Princess. Thus starts into motion a chain of events that leads to a totally bitchen over the top and tragically romantic climax.

I say, if you haven't seen this, see it. Pretty damn good. 8.5/10.

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Weeeeeeeak, 26 March 2006

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English title: The Naked and The Living Dead

I copped this unsubtitled flick--Youki Kaidan Zenshu (using the title from the cover art)--based on Hiroshima Video's claim that "this movie kicks the sh!t out of Daisuke Yamanouchi in so many ways!" Unfortunately, it didn't. In fact, it was just retarded softcore horror-themed porn. Just wanted to warn some of you away that might think this is some sort of "extreme" film. It's not but it is somewhat amusing.

Basic premise is that a mad scientist snatches up people and turns them into his mindless slaves--such as a zombie, a girl ninja, a zombie maid that shoots nipple darts at one point, and an old guy. There's a cute girl detective on this cat's case and she means to stop his evilness. Somewhere along the line, a young girl is abducted and turned into a TV (?) filled with organs and her eye is scarred in a way that makes her look like that little mutant girl in Total Recall(??).

Pretty incoherent mess with some sleazy rapes, big boobs, and dumb gore (a lame arm skinning/acid bath scene comes to mind) thrown in for good measure and better than average video quality that sadly really does beat the sh!t outta Yamanouchi's work. I can't really recommend this flick but it's worth a couple chuckles. A generous 6/10. I can't make this sound as bad as it really is.

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Just the way I likes 'em, 26 March 2006

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Yasuhara Hasebe's violent Nikkatsu pinker Assault! Jack The Ripper is a sleaze classic that's about as rough as you're gonna find 'em--and it's easily better than the XXX Forced Entry and its ilk. At different turns, it dips into humor, eroticism, sadistic violence, misogyny, and drama and it plays out perfectly.

What we got here is the story of a cake decorator and a waitress who work together and kill women to get off. The twist on this one is that the oversexed gal is the one who encourages the limp-dicked guy's spree of pastry-knife-in-vagina stabbings after an accidental killing gets him excited enough in the sack to please her. Great play between characters and straight up smuttyness make Assault! a real winner.

Assault! Jack The Ripper is a new favorite of mine. Not as graphic in the vag-stabbing department as I would've liked but God bless the Nipponese and Hasebe in particular for consistently bringing the best sleazy rape films to the table. You already know if you need to see this one--9.5/10.

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Annoying and not as graphic as it should be., 25 March 2006

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Katiebird*Certifiable Crazy Person is hard to judge. Is it an ambitious piece of trash? Yeah. Does it cop a lot of annoying and needless camera gimmicks? Aw hell yeah. Did it live up to the hype? No. Was it better than Murder Set-Pieces? Uh, no, not really...Different from, yes, but not better than.

The thing that fried my egg the most is that this movie screams for blood and guts and full frontal nudity and there's nothing going on. What up wit' dat? The other thing that plucks my chicken is that they edited this bitch like wacky style--split panels that move, tile and overlap each other, and change size. There is also an original rock musical score for this movie that I won't trash simply because I don't like that sort of soundtrack--always comes out sounding corny in my opinion.

I give this movie's writer and director credit for using a pretty decent storyline as the foundation of this project. That's all that really holds it together. It's not really strong in the performance department but the acting is suitable to the style of the film. To give yas a real brief description of the plot, Katiebird is about a father/daughter team of serial killers--the daughter, Katiebird, being addicted to being bitten by her male victims before she pulls their teefers out and stuff. Katiebird's Pops is a master manipulator and a cold-ass killer. They have a weird relationship.

I'd say this movie is a letdown in the above-mentioned gore and sleaze areas and that that hurt this film--felt like it pulled its punches. I think this will be a love it or lump it type flick that most people will get on one side of or the other. I say see it if you want to. You might get something outta this that I didn't but I just didn't care for it. A generous 7/10 for Katiebird because it wants to be different and because I just might not've "gotten" it.

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