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LOVE Chris Colfer!!!!!, 7 June 2013

I think that Chris Colfer is extremely talented and for his first venture into screen writing his own story, I am so amazed. Whatever this young man puts out, you can bet I and my granddaughter will be watching!!!!! We have been watching Chris since the early episodes of "Glee". I love his courage and tenacity. My granddaughter loves him for being himself at all times. We both love to hear him sing!!! Now to watch him acting without the need of music, it a true pleasure. Everything he does, he does with such passion and inspiration. You can tell that he exudes pride in all of his work. My granddaughter and I hope that one day, he just may do a one man show!!! :)

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Loved it!!!!, 17 February 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

My husband and I are huge Battlestar Galactica Fans. We were hesitant about watching this because it was labeled a prequel. However, after watching it, we were hooked. It was wonderful!!!! Great special effects and story!!! I highly recommend for all BSG fans to watch! Hope this goes on to become a series!!! I think this would be great to continue on with the story line and see where Adama goes from here! So much to explore! So many answers yet to find!!! Please take the time to watch this and draw your own conclusions. I think that this could open up a whole new avenue of unexplored stories about us and the Cylons not to mention that I would love to see Adama meet his wife and have his sons!!! Would love to see a young Lee Adama too!

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I have seen a lot worse., 24 February 2009

Coming from someone who grew up in the 70's, I was watching a lot of the musical genre from that time. Tommy, Grease, and Sgt. Pepper's to name a few. Of course Sgt Pepper's couldn't come close to these other movies but on the other hand, it really wasn't that bad. The music was really good and the Bee Gees harmony I thought was great. The acting, well let's say it wasn't even close to an Oscar but none the less, I have seen a lot worse. So just keep the music in mind when watching this movie and try to focus on that. Also Sandy Farina who played Strawberry Fields had such a beautiful voice. I always hoped to see more of her but after this movie, she wasn't seen anymore. So I watch this to hear her voice and the other great musicians of that time who are still great to this day!

Tommy (1975)
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Wonderful opera from the 70's, 9 February 2009

I was 13 years old when I first saw Tommy in 1975. I really didn't understand it at that time. However, I saw it 3 more times and fell in love with it each and every time. Now at 46 all I can say is I fell in love then and I am still in love. The score is nothing short of genius by Pete Townsend. What originality and imagination! The words will move you and the music will haunt you. I appreciated Ann Margret as an actress before but after this movie, I saw how she really poured herself into her role. I saw her win the Golden Globe for this performance and she accepted it with Roger Daltry at her side. Roger himself proved that he could act as well as sing and the rest of the cast was sublime in their roles. I feel that this movie had a lot to say at the time it came out and still does. You are captivated from the opening scene to the last scene. What a way to remember the good times of the 70's.

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I was greatly surprised, 1 February 2007

I was very excited to see that another Broadway musical had come out on DVD, but I had no idea what to expect. Thankfully, I was greatly surprised to see a wonderful story told in a musical way for a family to enjoy. Val Kilmer was a nice surprise in this role because he is such a strong actor. He is not a strong singer but never the less, I thought he did a great job. However, the supporting cast just blew me away. What a group of such strong and powerful singers. They were all magnificent in their roles. If you are looking for a movie to share with the entire family, this is definitely a good choice. Jesus Christ Superstar is one of my favorites that I watch over and over again. Now I have another musical that I can enjoy in the same way.

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One of the finest miniseries ever made!, 12 April 2006

I have been a fan of Jane Austen's writings for some time. This adaptation of her novel is by far the best and thorough screening. I love the way Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth play their leads. I knew that after I had seen this, I had to own it!!!!! By far, one of the most romantic movies of our time. For anyone who has never seen any of the works of Jane Austen, this is a good movie to start out with. But I also feel that this is the best of all of her works. Colin Firth gained me as a loyal fan after seeing him in this movie as well as Jennifer Ehle. I look forward to seeing them again in more work. I hope they will work together again.

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This is a very touching movie, 27 November 2005

I have always liked David James Elliott, but this movie really showed his performance on a really emotional level. He is a man who feels lost and unable to get back to what or where he was in his life. What a powerful and remarkable acting performance. I really would like to recommend this to anyone who has ever felt lost in their life at any period of time. Wendy Crewson really gave it her all as the wife who never gave up on her husband. She has shown what true devotion is and the strength to call upon the Lord at a point in her life when she needed him the most. The girls really did a good job in acting as little girls lost and trying to help their dad find his way back to them. This was one movie that by just seeing the previews, I knew that I didn't want to miss it. There is so much to be learned here. It can be understood and felt in any time of life altering changes.