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Cyrus (2010/I)
An inciteful Piece,brilliantly portrayed, 11 December 2011

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The user reviews for this movie are tiresome in their complete blindness to the humour (albeit pathos) in this beautiful movie.

Social embarrassment is with us all every day. Think about the subtle and brilliant writing of Ricky Gervais! Don't sqirm, just enjoy the humour in our ridiculous tradition of pretending something that's true is'nt really happening. The situation in this film is happening a million times a day in real life, and the Duplass brothers have captured it magnificently. Relax your uptight views and see this for what it is, a classic and brilliantly portrayed aspect of human life. Please stop whinging that this was;nt the COMEDY you were all expecting, IT WAS A COMEDY THAT APPEARS TO HAVE GONE OVER YOUR HEADS!

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A Timeless "gripper", 10 August 2006

I first watched this TV series when I was nine years old, it terrified me, especially the scenes when "andromeda" gripped the bars and seemingly was electrocuted. I carried the images with me to school the next day and tried to engage anybody who had seen it to see if they felt as scared as me. Through IMDb I have been able to revisit the essence of the production (actors, director) A stunningly "realistic" production for it's time. I have rarely been genuinely affected by small or silver screen but " A for Andromeda" remains in my memory 45 years later, and I had no idea that the yet to be great Julie Christie was Andromeda. Does anybody have remotely the same memories as me?

John Carr