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Lemon (2017)
19 August 2017
I saw it for the actors in the movie but that was a horrible decision. Calling this movie garbage would be a kind review. Makes absolutely no sense at all and feel like its being made boring by choice. Wannabe art cinema. I don't see what was the point of ever making this movie. Definitely not worth a watch.
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Kung Fu Yoga (2017)
Worst of the lot
7 June 2017
While Jackie Chan is famous, he is not known for quality cinema. That said, this is by far the worst of his movies that I have had the bad luck of watching. The production value, acting, dialogues, narrative are all so poor that you cannot imagine that people paid to watch this.

Disha Patani, who has pretty much no experience is mostly used as a prop, the insertion of Chinese government propaganda just makes all this in very poor taste.
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Really hilarious movie with a bunch of talented newcomers
8 October 2005
This is the first film from the ABCL stable and has a completely newcomer's star cast.Most of the actors have gone on to succeed in after this film. the story is of 2 boys who desire each other's lives. The rich boy from London and the taxi diver of a 'chaal' in Bombay. They meet by coincidence and decide to swap their lifestyles for sometime. Arshad Warsi specially shines in the film with his unique sense of humor.He is to be seen in notable comic roles in film like MunnaBhaiMBBS,Hero Hinustani,Salaam Namaste,Waisa Bhi Hota Hai Part 2 etc. Music is worth listening and is not the fitted in improperly. Also the script is neatly written. Definitely worth a watch.
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