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Note, this is not my own ranking, but how IMDB average users rate them on average. Yes, I get that you disagree; I disagree with some as well. Over the last 20 years, I've also seen some movies fall far down or off the charts, while previously controversial movies have climbed up, as each generation appreciates some movies differently, and IMDB becomes more popular with international audiences. Also, I've noticed that a movie tends to lose quite a few points after it wins an Oscar, perhaps as an anti-hype (the best example being former #1 "Titanic"). Regardless, no movie scores below a 6.0, and almost all score in the 7.0-8.3 range.
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Some of these people are also directors and screenwriters.
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These movies titles are giving you orders.
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There's plenty of lists, including a Wikipedia article, on the actors who have appeared in the most Best Picture winners. But I have failed to find any describing the above. These actors have appeared in some capacity in movies who were nominated for Best Picture. I realize that the actors between 1944 and 2008 had it harder, with 5 movies rather than 8-10. I also realize that quite a few screen legends, especially actresses, top out at 3 Best Picture nominees. However, I capped it at 4 as the list for 3 was too long. [Update: some corrections made based on comments below, as long as I was able to verify it. Thank you for your input.]
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Excluding siblings and close cousins.
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So you just won an Oscar for Best Director. What do you do next? Work on your dream project? Embrace a big-budget Hollywood picture? Go on hiatus? Try to outdo yourself? These are the movies that were made by directors right after they won an Oscar. As a bonus, I've added a few films by directors who made a best picture winner, yet who failed to win an Oscar themselves that year.
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USA movies that flopped domestically (i.e. earned less than what it cost, or not enough to profit), but made a substantial gross worldwide, turning it into a hit, to the surprise of US film fans, who ask "why is there a sequel? Wasn't it a flop?" or "who allows this director to continue making movies?" Yes, I do calculate that a studio does not take in all of the gross, some of which is shared with theaters. Studios claim it is only 50%. US theater workers will tell you that it is more like 90% for the studios in the first few weeks (which is why the theaters charge so much for food), 50% in far later weeks, when less of the business is done. And they profit more in some overseas locations. Also this list does not count profit from additional sources, such as rentals, DVD sales, merchandise, and TV rights. If you want a rather accurate list of actual flops, go to
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Cinemaphiles will often say that the Oscars are worthless because Orson Welles, Kubrick, and Hitchcock never won an Oscar for Best Director. Well, all three were nominated at least once. And while several great directors are also nominees and winners, there are some who are still active and overdue. Here's hoping that they make a movie that is worth that nomination. Update: Linklater and Wes Anderson removed.
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Two (or more!) movies released within roughly the same year who were identical in premise, concept, plot, selling point, or an atypical movie subtype (e.g. "a movie about 18th century gardeners"). Not counting intentional porn parodies or Z-movie rip offs, e.g. Asylum movies.
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The list of Sci-fi films nominated for an Oscar for best picture is very small. We are used to seeing good sci-fi be nominated for special effects, and that's about it. I thought I would single out those that also received Oscar nominations in categories aside from visual and sound effects, make-up, or costumes. Please note that I embrace all forms of sci-fi, from realistic adventures, to social sci-fi, to working with one invention, to societies with very advanced technology. All descriptions are of nominations; if someone won (rare), I will indicate it. Of note is that the Academy was favorable to nominating fantasy films prior to 1950, but not sci-fi itself. This list shows that, for all the bad rep sci-fi gets, it has been recognized for its impact on the look and sound of cinema, and for good story telling.
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Over the past couple of decades, a fair amount of black (or African-American, mostly) actresses have earned Oscar nominations for best supporting actress, including quite a few that won. But relatively few have been nominated for lead actress, even when they were in the lead role. Here's a list of the few who were.
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Movies that are usually considered as 'art' films by those who usually focus on this subject. This is mostly to stop the debate that the art film genre rebels from mainstream recognition, despite award shows being often dominated by Oscar bait. I am one of those that feel that all films are art, in some way, as film is an art medium. I also feel that the concept of "art" is different across literature, music, painting, theater, and photography, yet cinema combines all those of arts into one. Somehow mostly modern and post-modern concepts are accepted as 'art'. Is a plotless movie in black and white and with subtitles automatically 'art'? Is a random collection of interesting scenes 'art'? Is a movie 'art' because it is allegorical or metaphorical, or because it makes you think? Is it because the movie is gritty and realistic? Is it because of its unusual narrative style? Is it 'art cinema' because the director's previous movies fell into such name, even though the current movie is more straightforward? Or is an aesthetically pleasing movie showing our ideals really the more artistic one? The latter concept is often rejected, somehow. Anyway, here's a list of movies usually considered to be 'art films', and even that is debatable. Since the Oscars expanded its list of nominees for Best Picture, the list has grown, rather than these films 'only' having nominations for Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, or Best Foreign Language Film.
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Just trivia. Not rating which actor is best, or whether their movie deserved to win.
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They give us the most unforgettable images.
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Movies that are not officially remakes, reboots, or adaptations, but which clearly are so. (Yes, I understand that some of the originals also take elements from other movies, or are themselves official remakes, etc). A true remake or adaptation either sites the original author and/or heavily advertises itself as such.
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Update: removed Colin Firth ("The Kingsman"), Octavia Spencer, Jared Leto ("Suicide Squad"), Tilda Swinton (cast in "Dr. Strange"), Lupita Nyong'o ("Black Panther" - called it!), Cate Blanchet ("Thor: Ragnarok"), Forest Whitaker ("Black Panther"), George Kennedy (RIP).
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Still a list in progress, but I've seen most of the lauded films of 2015 and this comes as close as I can get.
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For an Oscar for acting. Living, male actors who still make movies only. 2012 update: crossed off top picks Gary Oldman and Christopher Plummer. 2013 update: Hugh Jackman removed. 2014 update: Chiwetel Ejiofor and Matthew McConnaughey removed. 2014 update: removed Michael Keaton and J.K. Simmons. 2016 update: removed the deceased Christopher Lee (#1) and Alan Rickman (#3).
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My picks for best movies of 2014. I still have to catch up on about 4-5 movies. I will update it as I do.
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Actresses that have never been nominated for an acting Oscar. It is harder to do this list than the one for male actors, as, for whatever reason, good actresses get nominated quite sooner. The debate for well-known actresses usually is "overdue for winning an Oscar". It's hard to argue that an actress that has only been standing out for the past six years is 'overdue'. Conversely, many good actresses retire young, or move on to television and theater, where they stand out more. I include only actresses who are still active in cinema.
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Best movies of 2013. Ongoing list.
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In no order whatsoever. Quit your complaining about 41 vs 42. Some of these movies are hybrid comedies/another genre, about 50/50%, and are still hilarious. Not a big Adam Sandler fan or Farrelly bros. fan; their movies make me chuckle, not laugh. As to whether I "know" about cinema or if I am ignorant because I do not laugh at the same, I have watched 3000 movies, from indie, to pretentious psuedo-art flicks, to B-movies and Z-movies and the MST3K-able, to mainstream blockbusters, the award nominees, and movies from every continent and most major language. Name your cult director, I've watched their film. The real question is... why take comedy seriously?
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Animated stuff I watched on my TV, across different countries, throughout the 80s and early 90s.
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When a horror franchise takes its sequel from Earth to space (usually a space station).
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Action movies that follow this formula: "Ridiculously well-prepared terrorists take over [x] with great ease. All is lost. Except that, little do they suspect, one man is hiding inside, whom is highly talented and clever, and fights back." Do not confuse with movies where a hero is sent into the situation.
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I keep on putting off watching "Au Revoir, Les Enfants", thus it does not appear on my list. Same goes for "Pathfinder" and "Street Smart". I don't get all the raves about "Moonstruck" (it was okay, but nothing special). "Broadcast News" puts me to sleep on every attempt. I liked "Fatal Attraction" but feel that it was overrated. My list does reflect that the 80s was the heyday of action and horror films.
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Not making the cut: "The Master", "Anna Karenina", "Beasts of the Sutherland Wild" (all had some good stuff, but not enough), "Holy Motors".
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The most fun movies with the most "B" movie elements.
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What was so great about "The Grifters"? Fair movie, cool direction by Stephen Frears, but does not add up to much.
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"Pulp Fiction" was rather good, but not that great. I like Tarantino's other movies better. And I've met him.
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Good music year, bad movie year. More than the critics' choices, people were talking about Sharon Stone's legs, whether "Alien 3" was any good, the looks of Batman's villains, and jokes about the twist towards the end of "The Crying Game". Wear your X cap. Hoo-ha! You can't handle the truth!
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Movies technically released in the US in 2002.
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