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Siren (2007)
Entertaining!, 28 February 2008

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Throughly enjoyed the film!!!! Kudos to the filmmakers for bringing great production values to an idea that was created and produced in a very short space of time. Technically, the film utilises the digital video format to full use, creating a sense of uneasesness and discomfort. The special effects are put to great use, creating some memorable frightening creatures. The sound design, supports the films errieness, and like many horrors it forms an integral part of the medium.

I've seen many short form narratives which involve single characters finding themselves in undesirable situations and in the past have been unable to sustain a 10 minute duration, let alone support a narrative, however this would be a film that succeeds in polevolting around such problems. I would love to give the film a full review but I wouldn't want to spoil it, and could only suggest to you guys to watch and enjoy this piece.

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Great watch!, 10 March 2007

As a occasional fan of horror, I don't usually dig deep into the horror genre often, however talk of this short had been spreading through the film school. I felt compelled to see this urban myth for myself and I must say I rather enjoyed it! The production values are low, but like a lot of good horror this is excusable, the dialogue is quirky and well suited to the characters that speak them.

Overall the work is a an amalgom of passion and enthusiam that the Raynor takes pride in re-illustrating on screen for the audience to see. People should watch this piece of work and stop reading my dull review! Promising work from an up and coming Director. Look forward to seeing "Psychosis".