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Coqueta (1983)
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This movie rocks, 18 July 2006

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Even though this movie is very crudely written and produced, ya gotta love it. It stars this beautiful young girl with waist length hair and cute bangs. I don't know much Spanish but here's what I think happens - A boy has this Mexican rock garage band. But it leaves little time for his studying math. He gets this girl to help him in math but he really doens't care about math, he has the hots for her. He crashes a car. From this point on we hear nothing more about his math. He gets the girl to sing with his band, at least for one song. Maybe it was in exchange for math tutoring. He and the girl go to an amusement park. I am concerned for their safety because I don't know how safe Mexican rides are. They survive. The girl sings a song. The girl has a party. This time the boy sings a song, but she dances up a storm and gets sick. She goes to the doctor. Apparnelty she has some sort of music illness and can never sing and dance ever again. The sickness gets worse. I don't want to spoil the rest, just go out and buy it. Also the lip-synching for the songs is horrible and a phantom string ensemble accompanies one of the songs.