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Only new films watched over 45 mins
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Films I've seen in the theater by myself.
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Years: 1935-present, listed from oldest to most newly awarded.
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A complete list of every movie Ebert gave a perfect four-star rating, from his book of the same name.
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*each entry is a first-time viewing, no repeat-viewings have been listed

*so-called adult films, if any, have been omitted per IMDb's stricture

*TV shows & episodes from TV shows have been omitted

*shorts have been omitted
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MIFF in this instance refers to the Maine International Film Festival. Wikipedia states that "[MIFF] does not give awards to individual films and performances, though an audience favorite is determined each year by a balloting process." Listed here are the first-place winners, as shown in the link below (some light research was required for one or two titles).
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Two revered critics of cinema, both of whom have roots in Chicago. They tackle cinema from two unique and very different perspectives; Roger Ebert is undoubtedly the most popular name in film criticism, while Rosenbaum often languishes is semi-obscurity. Each has published his own definitive list of cinema, Ebert's "Great Movies" currently containing 392 gems, while Rosenbaum's "Essential Films" list has approximately 1,018 diamonds in the rough.

Over the years, the two critics have had many disagreements, most sensationally disputing over the career of the departed Ingmar Bergman. (See Rosenbaum's unkind treatment here and here, as well as Ebert's response here.) Yet they have always maintained the respect of the other, and never let anything obscure their vigilant passion for the cinematic arts.

Now I present to you the magnificent films which have garnered deserved recognition from both parties. Indeed this is a compendium of films which have made it onto both critics' lofty lists.

Organized by year of release (earliest to most recent, and subsequently in alphabetical order).
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See Clooney's comments here
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All credit goes to Rotten Tomatoes; rationales and descriptions are included at the link.
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"Beginning in March 2010," writes, "Steven Soderbergh decided to document his cultural diet for the year..." This includes slightly less than 100 films (two of his own), as well as various books and TV shows.

However this list is focused specifically on the films he watched over a year's time, to the exclusion of all else, and presented in the order he watched them. If you are interested in some of the other art forms Soderbergh consumed during that time period, please read the following .pdf file: Also be sure to check out the original article here.

Of course there are also countless other links which give detail and opinion about Soderbergh's "cultural diet", but I will leave it up to you to investigate further.

All in all, I had to do some slight guesswork and an omission here and there (for instance, I could not find "The Perils of Priscilla" on IMDb), but in the end I rather like this quirky list. It's an interesting experiment.
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The article was actually entitled "11 Scariest Horror Movies of All Time" and was written by Scorsese for the American News website The Daily Beast.

The duplicate list at the following link, although slim in content, nevertheless reveals a little more information about the making of the list: For instance, the list was intended promote Marty's thriller, Shutter Island.
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A list of 25 essential documentaries according to the International Documentary Association:
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A response to AFI's Top 100 Films

Please read Rosenbaum's comments on why he felt compelled to assemble his own list.