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A wonderful movie not getting the credit it deserves., 5 April 2006

I first saw this movie in 1982 and next time it was on TV I taped it. That movie was watched so many times and I never got tired of it.

It is the story of an unhappy housewife trying to deal with her husband's infidelity. They move to an old house in the country where Jennie finds a beautiful old dress.

Whenever Jennie wears the dress she is transported back in time and meets the original owner of the house, a talented artist.

After making enquires about the artist she finds out that he gets murdered, but in the meantime she falls in love with him so she sets out to try to save him.

I have read the book "Second Sight" which the movie is based on and although it does stray from the book a bit, it doesn't take away from the fact that this is a great movie.

I have also been very lucky to obtain a copy of this movie on DVD, that has coped a hiding too.

Buddies (1983)
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Buddies, 29 September 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Buddies is a great movie set in Emerald, Queensland, Australia.

Mike and Johnny are two mates who are mining sapphires in Emerald. Another bloke is trying to move in on their claim and things get ugly, but not before there are a few laughs and punch-ups.

A good piece of Australian film making that should have done better than it did. Similar sort of movie to "Last Of The Knucklemen", another Australian movie that is worth seeing.

It is a shame that "Buddies" never made it to video or DVD.

If you can get hold of a copy of this movie, sit down to watch an enjoyable film.