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Simple yet so complex, ''a separation'' is a stunning tour de force, 27 February 2012

A separation is one of those movies you watch that makes you speculate, that fascinates you at a profound level. Asghar Farhadi has managed to pull of the perfect masterwork, the maturity of the movie, the performance of the actors; this is by far the best movie i have ever seen.The plot was well maintained, the concept of the movie was enthralling, everything in the story was well structured, the moral values that has been shown and portrayed so beautifully proves that mankind is flawed no matter what unity is the answer to some of our problems.This movie simply shows us the other real part of our society, the true problems the genuine issues between two human being, leaving the whole word behind ''A Separation'' distinguish some very important matter in our civilization.

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A tale of fantasy and wild stupid debauchery, 20 February 2012

To be honest, i was really looking forward to see this movie, the trailer itself was eye-candy and highly exaggerated.The story is as bad as the actors' performance. Nicholas Cage is going a very , very bad road, his lasts movies , ''season of the witch'' and ''drive angry'' were as thin and dreadful as this one. The action in this movie was unjustified and plain crazy bad, the way ''Blaze'' was written, the laughable dialogues and dumb facial expression of Cage didn't helped at all. The 3D effect on this movie is overrated, everything is too much and fake. Idris Elba was probably the only reason why i went to watch this but even then his role was thin and futile, On the whole, it's messy , funny and plain bad, i pray to god there is not a third one

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An unexpected ride; explosively addictive., 3 April 2011

Source code is one of those few action/sci-Fi movies that work effectively without exaggeration or embellishment. When we see Source Code we see the certain resemblance it has with ''Déjà Vu'' with Denzel Washington but Duncan Jones, with his own talent his own style prevent that from happening. Source Code has is own method and approach, which is quite entertaining and enjoyable. This movie is certainly recommended for all the action-junkies because this has all to be a ''Summer Hit'' which confuses me, why hasn't this opened in June or July, it had the potential and the content of an ''Summer'' blockbuster. Jake Gyllenhaal is not your typical action hero, since but he really pulls everything off really well. Michelle Monaghan and Vera Farmiga are both absolutely gorgeous women with talent. On the whole Source Code is pure entertainment at its best.

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Another brilliant biopic about King George VI, 22 November 2010

I saw this movie at Ryerson Theater during the Toronto International Film Festival among many other movie's this one really acquired my attention , wonder if it was for Colin Firth or Tom Hooper's writing. This is a moving tale about a king's obligation and deep friendship toward the nation he loved. The screenplay by David Seidler is genuine and clever... Colin Firth as the king is utterly dazzling and doesn't stop to amaze us movie by movie , like last year's A Single Man his performance has good chance to end at the Oscar race this year. Geoffrey Rush had one of the movie's well written role as the Australian speech therapist Lionel Logue , his acting is splendid! Tom Hooper did an remarkable work , every detail of the movie is memorable On the whole this movie is a bright , smart and impressive picture.

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An emotionally charged episode, 5 May 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is one of the most emotional episodes of lost ever! I was really shocked by every minutes of the episode; Jack Bender has done a terrifying job! At first I wasn't really surprised by the events but then when Jack & Locke decide to leave the island with the Sub-marine everything got suddenly interesting. Jake & Sawyer with their plan, Locke with the C4 explosives and Claire that was left all alone! Sayid sacrificing himself and picking the explosives with himself, Sun & Jin dying at the end, this was seriously the most emotional episode ever! I love the way the write it and once again Jack Bender is a genius. I can't wait to see what happens next with the Good&Evil episode…

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Ignore the critics and go for the entertainment, 31 March 2010

You will have to ignore the critics for this one!! Sorry but i am a freak of Greek mythology and who dare's to compare this to the mediocre ''Percy Jackson'' this was not an movie for kids!! When the trailer released i was totally excited for this movie and the wait was worth it , i went to an special screening in my city and i loved it! This movie is definitely for the action-junkie type of people's if you want to go there and judge this movie then just don't go!! This movie is mad for entertainment , it going to be entertaining and your going to get entertained! Sam Woringhton was probably the best choice for this, after Terminator & Avatar he is my favourite action hero! Liam Neeson was perfect for the role of Zeus he was magical! his voice , his beard everything! Gemma A. is sexy as hell , can't wait to see her in Prince Of Persia... Talking of Video based game movie's!! This movie had some shades from the video game God Of War which i worship the most it has Greek Mithology and a lot of violence! Seriously overall if you want to go as an critic and start to play ''the big critic guy'' you won't enjoy this movie at all! Please Ignore the critics and go watch this movie YOU WILL BE BLOWN away!! Perfect Note... Loved It!! Louis Letterier did an amazing job directing this one!!

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It was intense, intriguing and highly satisfying, 28 March 2010

This is the first Episode review I'm doing because I really think that This was the best LOST episode so far!! We were questioning ourselves About pretty much everything but THIS! No one saw it coming! That episode revealed a lot of thing for 50 min's , and those min's each one of them were really entertaining , gripping and really , really satisfying! From the beginning I knew something was not okay with that man ''Not Getting Old'' trough time and believe me this episode reveal everything on him on his past and on the importance of his role in the Island! I loved the way the writer's putted the ''Spanish'' connection to it! And they said that the fact was HELL!! It just excited the audience more and more… So there is only few episodes' left until THE very END! And believe me I am really eager to see what is going to happen next!

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This is a powerful movie revolving around a remarkable performance by Colin Firth, 24 January 2010

I have never cried so quickly in a movie. Literally, I was ten minutes into the film and my eyes began welling up. It's a beautiful and gut-wrenching love story, with a surprising yet bittersweet ending. Yes, this film is not a "happy-feel-good" production, and, yes, you may very well leave the theatre pondering the validity of the relationships in your own life, but that's the point. When you get past the "artsy" cinematography, in essence, it is a story of love, loss and self-reliance that we call all relate to. This film is certainly not for those who enjoy the action and adrenaline packed blockbusters of the recent past. But if you are in the mood for a thought-provoking and dramatic plot-line, sprinkled with the brilliance of Colin Firth and his co-stars, and a rather large pinch of Tom Ford, you will not regret it.

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Superb acting all round, wonderfully evocative 60's atmosphere, great story., 24 January 2010

Overall, well done. The talented Carey Mulligan is definitely someone to watch as her career develops. She plays her role as mature, smart and savvy -- almost a bit more than was believable, considering the circumstances of the character. Her suave and worldly love interest is well played by Peter Sarsgaard, and the knot in your gut tightens as the story unfolds and you sense where it's heading. I loved the way Rosamund Pike played the girlfriend of Sarsgaard's business partner. Both she and the mother seemed to illustrate the razor's edge walked by women of the time who had to smile and pretend everything was fine even when it wasn't. So much of this movie shows women's struggle at many levels to claim choices for themselves that didn't involve sacrificing their intelligence, dignity, dreams or humanity. I think the story's initially smooth momentum becomes a bit choppy in the latter part of the film, which seemed not quite sure how to wrap up the story to a conclusion. Despite some shortcomings, the film is still definitely worth seeing.

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Not that bad!, 7 May 2009

Seriously what did you really expect from this movie its a romantic comedy! I'm so angry because everyone destroys this movie for no reason. I'm no big fan of McConaughey but in this movie i really felt he was himself the big lady charmer. Garner was absolutely fantastic she was awesome and beautiful. Now what i think about the movie. This was an enjoyable funny movie, not an academy award film but certainly a movie to watch. You don't need to be a big fan of Mattew McConaughey to see this movie, but it would helps. Little to no surprises in the plot, but then who ever sees romantic comedy for the plot? I had some good laugh. These two have great chemistry and are just amazing to watch. As the story unfolds you will laugh and cry at the brilliance of such an amazing storyline. A must see!!

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