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Solo Sunny (1980)
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solo sunny is a film about women's wants and quest for a place in society, 27 September 2005

Sunny is a singer in a roving band. She has a restless life. She is single and she lives on her own. She seeks her individual self-fulfillment. She shows her individuality by living a bohemian life, wearing glamorous makeup and acting provocatively most of the time. She has a feisty personality. Sunny has one ambition: to be a star. Throughout the film, she gets ready for a big solo performance.

I like the way she was portrayed. Her rebelliousness has a certain appeal which adds to the charm of the movie. DEFA's female characters are often portrayed as regular workers. They have no glamorous trappings. In spite of Sunny's "glamor," (as required by her singing job) we can still see that she works hard. Unlike Hollywood films, DEFA women characters are not portrayed as temptresses, vamps etc.

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I like the movie's portrayal of love and east Berlin, 27 September 2005

The Legend of Paul and Paula seems simple yet not boring. However, the film has profound ideas to tell – gender roles, social inequality and escapism. I like the film's way portraying of everyday life in East Berlin. You can almost see and feel the city. The love story between a passionate single mother and a complacent, married bureaucrat is not your typical Hollywood movie. The film also has a psychedelic and hippie feel. The soundtrack suits the film. I like the portions of the film where some elements (like the band that plays music while Paul and Paula are making love) are placed for no reason. The movie has a simple charm that captivates audiences. I guess that the film's success lies in its way of making the ordinary scenes of life extraordinary.