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With most any notable classic horror or sci-fi movie you can usually apply one of two classifications: the good stuff, or the so-bad-it's-good stuff. With most of the selections in my list I tend to think of them as leaning towards the "good stuff", although I am a huge fan of "bad" movies. There are just some bad movies that cannot be denied in their awfulness, but at the same time I do recognize that wacky campy humor for one person is unbearable stupidity to another, and so I've tried to limit my selections of what I would call so-bad-it's-good.. There is crossover of course, but in most all horror and sci-fi from this era, usually by the end of a film there seems to be a prevalence that bears itself as either a display of talent and vision (even when limited in finances and resources) or a sheer amount of colossal cheese. And so, with this list, just be aware that there is some of both.
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All of these movies are just dumb and usually ill conceived, but not sort of entertaining (to varying degrees...), but perhaps what sets them apart is that they seem to have been presented as if they were no more stupid than any other movie, which seems to point towards the creative team not being aware of how bad they really are. I know there are dozens of movies that could make it on this list, but some movies are such obvious ploys to make quick money that I have to pass on them, but I will be updating this with time. Feel free to add suggestions.
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This list should grow with time, so for now it's off the top of my head. Though many of these films are humorous or comical in nature, many of them are not and no particular genre of film is specifically being presented. I hope you enjoy these movies as much as I have.