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Shackles (2005 Video)
A talented man, a inspiring film
27 September 2005
Jose Cantillo is so fine. He truly brought out the character in the role he played. I am so in Love with his style. He is one of the best actors in the entertainment industry and he should get recognized as that. I am sure that years to come he will stand out. He is a dream to me, "All that and a bag of chips." I would go to see anything he plays in. The film was really inspiring, I love the poetic parts about it. I am a poet myself and poetry has a way of making a person think. DL he really played a wonderful part as a teacher in a rough environment. This is one of his best roles. I have seen him in comedy, I enjoyed him playing a more serious role. He don't take no **** out of no one in this film and that is great. The ending of this movie was really sad but it touched my heart. It inspired me to write a poem. I hope to see more movies with this poetic vibe soon. I truly loved it, I want to buy a copy!!
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