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Powerful, Sensitive and an Extraordinary Film
25 September 2005
This is a powerful, beautifully crafted and superbly acted film. I wept as did the friends sitting at my sides. Yet there was humor along with the tragedy expressed with so much depth of relationships, so genuine you felt you knew these people.

Appropriate in it's timing, with the subject matter of what happens to those who have fought for our country and are left to survive their ordeal. This is a film of our time and of the ages. One which should be seen by mothers and sons, fathers and daughters and especially those who irresponsibly choose to send our children off into wars for power or righteousness. Those who choose to spend more money on the latest, greatest new weapons and ignore the effects of the old ones.

The directorial debut by Gabrielle Savage Docketerman was masterful. Danny Glover and Linda Hamilton show true life chemistry and Oscar quality performances, all to be out shined by the young and very talented Zoe Weizenbaum.
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