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Best movie I have seen in a long time!, 9 February 2013

My sister and I were undecided on whether to see this or not. I had been racking up a lot of duds recently and since I hadn't heard of this I thought it would be just another dud. Boy was I wrong! This movie grabs your attention from the beginning and it is really a wonderful witty enjoyable ride. We laughed all the way! Reminds me of when you went to the movies and came out with a big smile on your face. That's how it was for us In fact I think I will be buying this to re watch for years to come Mel really is a good actor no matter what may be going on in his personal life So, if you are still undecided I urge you to give it a try - I promise it will be time (and money)well spent

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Great Movie!!!, 12 March 2010

I saw this movie in Sydney, Australia and it was really great. A really good thriller!. I have read all three of the books and wondered how the movie would be. The theatre was packed and it was in subtitles but you could hear a pin drop. We were all glued to the screen. Once it gets going your are hooked! At the end everyone clapped. Some of the scenes are graphic and violent but if you have read the book you already know this. However, even though I had to "read" the movie I cant wait for the next one. At least I hope they are making a movie for book 2 and 3 I would not take my 14yr old to this but it is something I would see again. Highly recommend!

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Wow!!!!!, 18 November 2006

I had really gone off of the Bond movies in the last few years. Sure they had pretty boys but were so predictable and boring. So far fetched too!! Well tonight I saw Daniel Craig in Casino Royale and I can tell you I will be lining up for the next one!! He was fantastic. I had never heard of Daniel Craig and even when I saw his pic in the paper I wasn't impressed but I am impressed now!!! I can see that someone with the Bond franchise has finally woken up! And to think I was one of the ones upset that they decided not to continue with Pierce Brosnan!! I highly recommend this movie. Go see for yourself what the whole audience at the movies loved. You wont be disappointed!!!