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You would love this brilliant work if you're intelligent and observant., 3 June 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

One of the best movies I've ever seen. Truly amazing. Nothing was amiss in my opinion.

Let me start by saying that for anyone to enjoy this movie, they would have to have a good sense of observation along with a wee bit of intelligence. Because I know many and have seen many people who could not understand this movie even though they have seen the previous two. My only conclusion would be that they are a wee bit short of the brain clan...

The movie was fantastic. I loved both the first two. In fact I liked Dead Man's chest more than the first one. It seems that the PoC movies keep getting better with the sequels (at least for me).

Not only are the special effects and stunts BETTER than almost any recent movies you might have seen, including spiderman 3, the way they were executed and placed doesn't make any of it seem unnecessary.

In the last two movies though, I found the movie's charm only in one person, Jack Sparrow, AKA Johnny Depp. No doubt that Jack Sparrow is the best thing about this movie too, however, during the short intervals where we couldn't be blessed with his presence on our screens, the rest of the secondary characters provided fulfilled fun entertainment.

Geoffrey Rush was simply superb in his role as Barbossa again. It was a pleasure seeing him. Even though my favorite character is Jack Sparrow, the most realistic pirate in the whole franchise seemed like Barbossa courtesy the amazing acting by Geoffrey Rush.

We also got to see a bit more of Orlando Bloom AKA Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan AKA Keira Knightley. At first I would have thought that anything that comes in the way of more screen time for Jack Sparrow would make me mad, but I was pleasantly surprised when their storyline was not the romantic balderwash I was expecting. It was entertaining as well.

Bill Nighly as Davey Jones was great again. Bill executes the Davey Jones character with extreme acuteness. Along with Barbossa, Davey Jones sounds like the most realistic Pirate. And his fight scene with Jack was amazing. Also the character manages to get in a few laughs in his dark character as well, like in the last movie.

Other characters like Lee Arenberg AKA Pintel and Mackenzie Crook AKA Ragetti gave us many many laughs and they also executed their characters to perfection.

(SPOILER) Tom Hollander as Beckett played his part extremely well. Specially the scene where his ship is being sunk and he stands amidst the wreckage waiting for himself to sink with the ship, after all the evil he gave the pirates, you couldn't help but feel a little sorry for Beckett, a little though, not much. (SPOILER)

And of course, the heart and soul of the movie, Jack Sparrow AKA Johnny Depp. I have been a big Depp fan since I watched Donny Brasco. But this Jack Sparrow character, he just plays it to pure and utter perfection. He does nothing wrong. I can imagine why he loves this character so much. To have the pleasure of transforming yourself into Sparrow anytime you please is quite like a superpower in itself. The entertainment this character brings with its charm, wit, intelligence and the most important, the drunken swagger. Seeing Johnny Depp play Jack Sparrow is a delight like no other.

And watching Keith Richards as Sparrow's dad was amazing. I could think of no other who would better fit that profile. However, prior to watching the movie, my idea of Richard's as Sparrow's dad was a little different in character, as in more like Jack himself. But still, that was pretty amazing as well. Though I would have loved to see Keith do the drunken Swagger Sparrow popularized.

Before I leave I would like to address one last issue, many have complained that the movie was too long, well I found that an added bonus, in fact I was just thinking throughout the movie 'Please let it go on forever, oh please' I mean, there just wasn't one scene which wasn't interesting.

If I could, I would rate this movie a perfect 10/10.

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Really Really Really sweet and wonderful show, 16 May 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well what can I say about Full House. It was, is and always will be favorite show of all time. There was something really really special about Full House. It wasn't like any other show. Usually now we see shows filled with mindless and adult humor, but this was something everyone, from a 2 year old child to a 70 year old grandparent could enjoy. People could relate to the love, compare the small and day to day problems to their own. It was amazingly sweet. It had a magical feel towards it which, in my opinion no other show will ever have.

Various critics have termed the show as overly sweet or too good to be true. Something as a perfect family. It IS partly true. But I believe that this over sweetness made the people feel more happy watching the show. It was certainly not corny and cheesy as many other shows and movies are. You wouldn't feel like gagging in any of the Full House episodes.

Maybe I'm just being nostalgic but my heart flutters at any mention of Full House or something related to it. Full House created an impact in not only America but around the whole world where it was and still is telecasted. It provided a happy heaven or secure bubble for people who were feeling low. The Full House family was and is the Worlds Family. Everyone associated with Full House was and is special. Be it the cameraman or the whole cast. They were all special. Full House is something as falling in love. This may and probably does sound really really corny and cheesy but thinking about watching Full House brings back good memories and makes you feel happy and nostalgic. I hope anyone who watched the show enjoyed it.

Full House along with humor provided daily lessons which a child and an adult may familiarize themselves with. It didn't face as major problems as people expected it to, but really there are very few families who face as major problems as people expected it too.

People grew up and still do grow up watching Full House. I hope there is a reunion show again.