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E! True Hollywood Story: The Gong Show (2003)
Season Unknown, Episode Unknown
If you liked the TV show, the movie is more of the same!
22 September 2005
Well, OF COURSE it does not appear to be a great movie! It's "THE GONG SHOW," ... duh! But if you liked Barris' original TV show, this is more of the same. I saw this movie many years ago,and remember it fondly. I would watch it again if it was on TV, as a re-run. Barris had a lot of guts to do the original TV show, (against the opinions of many) and it was a riot, if you ask me. The new American Idol, etc. shows are only follow-uppers that try to legitimize the same idea that Barris spoofed so well. The movie was introspective of the Hollywood lifestyle, and everything that the entertainment industry was and is today. The industry is still in the business of packaging and passing off slicked up hacks as talented performers to an audience too naive to know the difference. Perceived beauty gets a leg-up on talent and brains every time, except in a Barris production.
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