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HUMAN ERROr delivers, just sit back and let them., 19 September 2005

To indulge yourself in HUMAN ERROr is to enjoy what Cinema is supposed to be about. When was the last time that you DIDN'T Know the 'next line,' when did you last view actors who breathed their parts, when were the expectations that you didn't know that you had were last fulfilled?

Friday night we went to the Sunshine on Houston and were amazed by this flick. I knew of Bob Young, the Director, having seen CAUGHT – which I still think the sexiest 1st run flick of-all-time; EXTREMITIES – taut, riveting, super-political and the role that Farah Fawcett aced; and DOMINICK&EUGENE, perhaps his best known flick among lots of others, but HUMAN ERROr was a terrific and satisfying surprise.

When did I last enjoy really nasty violence - but all with dialogue- no need for squibs; when did you last view actors give the performances of their lives? - when have we seen CGI used so effortlessly, with such masterly artistic abandon? > we haven't.

FYI Disclaimer: Last week prodded by Rave Reviews, we charged $24 to see Broken Flowers: 1st/3 cute-2nd/3 boring-3rd/3 this is it? This is it? {This movie was not a movie, it isn't a question of performance or style, but of substance. Hello.} Saturday, I read the NYT Weekend review: this reviewer is news to me, but he obviously didn't get it-and ya can sense he wasn't interested in trying-and I'll guess that he viewed the flick alone in a screening room devoid of an audience that got it and winced, laughed, and held their breath as did the crowd at the Sunshine.

Last word: You sit back and let them do their magic – if they deliver you're OK – HUMAN ERROr delivers, just sit back and let them.