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A fair review, 20 March 2016

There are tons of 10s and 1s, but no fair reviews really. Is Daredevil worth seeing? If you're into comic book movies and shows, love action than yes, do watch.

There are certainly issues with Daredevil:

People praise Charlie Cox who plays Daredevil, but no one seems to notice how awful his attempt at an American accent is at times. Is he from New York, Boston, the South? Hard to tell because he's clearly fighting to not sound British. A few times he even sounded Australian, which was actually funny.

The fights are great. However, if you watch them closely it's very obvious that the actors are worried about getting hurt and not really making contact.

We need a phrase for these Christopher Nolen watanabe filmmakers, too dark. By that I mean, the picture is literally too dark. I can't see anything. I had to brighten my computer almost all the way just to see what was going on during some scenes, particularly the fight scenes.

To me, the score at the beginning of the show could be a million times better. It's plain, so plain I mistook it for the intro song to Hemlock Grove, which is actually different.

Way too much screen time is focused on the character Karen Page. Yes, she's neat and interesting, but the show isn't about her. Subplots are one thing, but most episodes center around her.

Bright side is the acting's good and the show's really fun. The above is easy to look past.

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Slow start, 7 January 2016

At the beginning of this I noticed something, nothing was funny. I got bored and came to IMDb to check out a few ratings and saw that a lot of people didn't like this movie at all. Thing is, I was already a good twenty minutes into the film, so I kept watching.

There were a lot of lame jokes and cameos of people who no longer have careers. A lot's wrong with this movie. But in about the middle of it the humor was okay. I laughed a few times and ended up enjoying what I saw. Wouldn't go out of my way to recommend this, however, it's not that bad. If anything, the movie was good for a few cheap laughs. I've seen much worse.

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Not really spoilers, just kind of, 25 September 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Note: The show is called D. Gray Man because it was the original name of the main character until Katsura Hoshino decided that she wanted to change his name to Allen Walker. This isn't reveled in the series. I looked it up.

The plot: Allen Walker is a 15-year-old exorcist. He makes friends with people involved in the program (Lenalee, Lavi, Kanda, Krory etc.) and Allen has a dark past. He fights Akuma aka demons, which are created by the Millennium Earl who makes humans into demons after buying their souls from a loved one. Earl has friends who are with the Noah Clan and they all battle the Dark Order of Scientists, Finders, and Exorcists, including the leading character, so to destroy the world and create a new one.

On one hand I find this show to be one of the most aggravating of its genre. Bad guys are way too overpowered; flicking their fingers and destroying everything and everyone in their path and then laughing at the puny attempts of everyone else. WAY too many villains laugh and smile. It gets redundant and less meaningful. There's a demon that can control gravity. Gravity! Another one literally flicks its finger and nearly kills the main character. That's too overpowered for my taste. The show often falls out of the scope of fantasy and crosses the line of "that couldn't happen" a number of times. And the story drags with almost as much filler as Dragon Ball. I don't need a backstory about a character that's clearly going to die in five seconds. I don't need a backstory of another character you're clearly introducing just to kill off and then milk me for emotions. Get to the main plot! Oh, and that doesn't happen. There are 103 episodes right now, and the show doesn't end. Rather it's an ongoing series and no new episodes are in development yet.

On the other hand D. Gray Man is a compelling tale, with well developed characters, and sometimes extremely funny moments. Yet the humor is several times out of place. A character will die one second and the next second another character will throw out an immature/completely-inappropriate joke and it comes off as tacky. Even with its flaws, I would go out of my way to see more episodes. Plus, I've seen hundreds of animes and this is on my top anime list...see for yourself:

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An okay film with flaws, 19 April 2014

For one, it's not the fact that the main character played by "Cali Danger" beats up 3-guys larger than her at the beginning that I found unbelievable. 3-soldiers attacked this gorgeous woman in an alleyway, this, I took issue with.

Any person can win any fight. One's ability in battle has nothing to do with what's in your pants. Someday, everyone will realize this. But no soldier, let alone 3 would attack an unarmed drunken woman in an alleyway to fistfight her, rape her--possible and unfortunate, still believable! The rest of the movie plays off that first scene, ('tough women' fight). Only, it's with model-looking jungle girls and the main one.

If you can get over the factor mentioned above, you might like this film, despite the b-movie-rate acting (which I enjoy for laughs).

If you think women are inferior in battle, I disagree with you and know you're wrong, but you also won't like this movie at all.

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A review because there aren't any, 10 April 2014

First, try to follow this: It's a girl's 30th birthday, apparently old in this culture. She complains about needing clients for a boxing business--signals plot-line. She goes to the gym. Another girl at the gym whines about being dumped, hits on customers, and her and the first girl become business buddies after this one knocks out her ex- boyfriend. That night, the 30-year-old has a birthday party and her old friend shows up. All three girls become friends, get tricked into joining an underground fighting tournament--they call a trafficking syndicate later and this leads to a fight with the traffickers in the end.

Are you confused too? First it's about a newly 30-year-old looking for business and somehow the story arches into something about women being trafficked into slavery--by the way it WAS an underground fighting theme until the director or writer changed their mind about that too.

Too many directions.

A pro to the film: instead of the three main characters being these she-demons with masterful martial arts skills, they are normal women who know self-defense in different martial arts styles. Even then, the character, Miu played by actress Dada Lo fights well one second and then decides she can't fight at all and gets beaten up easily later on. Same with the other characters, but her to a greater extent.

I would not recommend this movie, I'd say to see either Cold Fusion, or Chai Lai Angels: Dangerous Flowers, or the Naked trilogy: Naked Weapon, Naked Soldier, and Naked Killer instead. If you want to see this, have at it.

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Nice mice, 26 August 2013

Excuse the pun title, I couldn't resist. This movie Salvage Mice (2011) is about two girls both about 22 years old who are from different parts of Japan. The "thief" Mai (Mitsuki Tanimura from The Girl Who Leaped Through Time and 13 Assassins) traveled to (The Martial Artist's) Mio's (Julia Nagano) hometown to recover some "treasure" that was stolen. Mio can't tell if Mai is good or bad until near the end of the film. The two develop a friendship and share their skills as fighters and eventually combine that skill to fight the real "bad" or villain. Of course the "bad" is a white American guy who barely speaks Japanese, because Japanese film makers love to villainize that gender and race...but it isn't like American film makers don't do it back to the Japanese anyways... of did in the 1970-1990s. In this movie however, this is done poorly and cliché, but the movie is still fun to watch if you like female heroines and action films with silly characters who can fight.

3 Musketeers (2011) (V)
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Not a 10, but not a 2 either, 19 July 2013

This was my favorite Asylum film to date. It had action, bad puns, cheesy blood scenes. and they even threw in a few explosions. A few of the side actors were not that good at their jobs, like the guy who played Alexandra's boss, but the main characters seemed to all have fun and enjoy their roles. You have to realize going into this that it isn't some highbrow theatrical masterpiece. It's an action movie called 3 Musleters and takes place in modern times for crying out loud... You get exactly what that promises; nothing more, nothing less. I'd give it a 5 out of 10 if it weren't rated low by people who clearly took this movie too seriously. Personally, I laughed through most of this. And for the record, someone posted a "goof" about the stove during the explosion not being a gas stove and was therefore not a gas source for an explosion, but a lot of electric stoves are also gas stoves!

Circle of Fury (2010) (V)
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A review because there aren't any, 3 June 2013

So I was watching some random videos on youtube and ran across a fight scene between Christina Rose's character "Augustina" and the main character played by Randy Spence named "Johnny." Augustina kicks Johnny's butt and it's done in a comical way. If that fight was done well, I figured the rest of the film would have good fights and be funny too. Only, it wasn't like that.

The director or whoever even tries to fool the viewer into believing the movie was about something else by starting the movie with Augustina walking down the street and having to rush off somewhere unknown. Then after a fight having nothing to do with the characters that were just rushing off, the scene goes to Johnny who is having the worst portrayal of post traumatic stress disorder. By worst, I mean the way it was done. There's a guy screaming loudly off screen begging to not be left by the "coward" of a protagonist "Johnny."

Now Johnny is homeless and they make that clear in a very glib way showing him wash windows and beg for money. He runs into his old friend "T" played by Adonis Williams who gives him a job at his training gym / drug front and "T" or "Tariq" also tries to get Johnny into some underground fights and into more trouble.

Here is where the theme of Johnny being a coward repeats and the movie echos that throughout until he is forced to face his fears and not run in the end so to save a random girl thrown into the mix; (minor spoiler) and by the way there is a subplot with Johnny stealing a lot of money from her and it's never confronted in the movie...anyone else hate plot holes?

The only good acting in this movie was done by Rose, who had charisma and star quality. It should have been about her character. Instead she has one line at the beginning of the film and then a fight scene in the middle. I'd say the rest was a waste of time because the story was cliché and the plot dragged... but why beat a dead horse?

If you like movies that try to have decent fight scenes you could settle for this one. But don't expect anything else.

Wicked (1998)
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Surprised to have liked it, 6 June 2012

Rented Wicked because I was curious about Julia Stiles' first leading role and expected this to suck. Look at the plot, which basically says, "Ellie, 14-yr old (in real life 17-yr old Stiles) tries to take her murdered mother's role. It sounded to me as though some script writer took a psychological term "Electra Complex" and warped it to a sexual context. Yet the Phallic stage ends at around six, and it is defined as envy of the male genitals, not as a sexual desire for one's father. Jung updated the study, but really psychology theory is as unfair to women in many ways including this example. Despite that, Eric Weiss decided to create his own psychiatry. Still, Stiles does well in her role and believable. However, the character Lena (Louise Myrback) outshines young Stiles in both her role as the new alpha woman and in her acting ability. I enjoyed it when Lena put the child in her place and told her that she looked so cute in dress up and then rubbed off blush because Ellie wasn't old enough to know how to do it right. Kids need to be put in their place and told they are just kids. That character was awesome and bold -- made the film worth seeing for me.

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Haha, this movie grossed a Million... that's gotta be a joke, 25 May 2012

This is the true story of a guy named Joey Coyle (John Cusack) that finds a bag of a million dollars after it falls off a truck. I rented it because John Cusack and his sis Joan (not in it too) are some of my favorite actors and hadn't heard of Coyle prior. There was a book first too called Finder's Keepers by Mark Bowden. Coyle is a guy in a rut with as far as he sees it, no dreams, or drive to keep him wanting to live. Then he finds that bag of over a million dollars and BAM... has something to live for. Coyle even remembers his old squeeze Monica (played by Debi Mazar) that, he long forgot about due to his struggles. The the guy tries to win her back as now with the money, he has a reason to want her love and to pursue dreams.

A lot of people would find a bag of money on the side of the road and take it to the police. Coyle gives reasons not to and they are easy to relate to ones. Funny joke in this too about why Franklin smiles on the bill and the people on bills do not.

The moral dilemma in this one and questions that arise are good and well thought. And it has all these names you'll know (Michael Madson, James Gandolfini, Phillip S. Hoffman, and Del Toro), but they were no name actors at the time. Watch it if you get the chance. Also, do not look up Joey Coyle until after watching it. It might in addition pay off for you to watch the ending credits and pay close attention to both the songs at the beginning and the end of the movie. Each have specific meaning to the character and increased my interest as a viewer.

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