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Great show worth watching!, 1 April 2007

Whether you just listen or watch, this show is incredible. Mike Golic and Mike Greenburg play off of each other so well. Their arguments are interesting yet honest, and they have a good understanding of everything they talk about. Each day, they have several guests on the show, all big names with lots to stay. They're funny without being desperate and all laughs come naturally. The interaction through emails is refreshing, and it is not difficult to sit for hours to listen to these two men talk. Whether it's Greenburg making fun of Golic for his weight or Greenburg cracking on himself for being feminine, everything they do is done in positive ways. There is a certain familiarity to the show once you watch it enough, and you feel like you know them. They make you feel comfortable, and by bringing up the same jokes again and again, you feel almost included in the show.