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Saw V (2008)
As a fan of the Saw movies, I'm giving it an 7/10
27 October 2008
I really enjoyed it, it was definitely entertaining the entire time. The main "game" was very clever, but like others have said, they didn't focus on it enough. It could of been really fun to watch. They could of developed more relationships between the connected people. It did have a different feel to the movie, since it was mostly about Strahm pursuing Hoffman. I just feel that it would be more fun to watch more "survival" games, since that is what defines the Saw series.

After the movie ended, all I had to saw was, wow, that was pretty awesome. If you're a fan of the Saw movies and you don't watch them just to bash them, you'll enjoy Saw V.
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Inside Man (2006)
if you love hostage movies with suspense, DON'T miss this.
2 April 2006
some people love it, some people don't.

well, i am not the kind of person that looks for the little things in movies to tear it apart and call it awful.

the storyline was amazing. the idea was genius. denzel and clive owen play good guy vs bad guy, and they did a good job. i didn't think this movie was gonna have "action" in it but the action it had was beyond excellent. the way the robbery was conducted gave the viewer chills because it was so amazing. don't listen to bad reviews, if you love hostage movies and suspense/thriller movies (like hostage, phonebooth, etc) then go see this! you will be guessing until the very end. best movie ever.
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