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a list of 201 titles
These are titles on my old VHS tapes that have not yet been re-recorded, repurchased or transferred to DVD
a list of 102 titles
This list includes action/martial arts titles from my collection that are NOT from Asia with many favorite action stars (Van Damme, Seagal, Norris, Statham, etc.), and also includes some titles that are not actually considered "martial arts" movies. See also my other list "Action from Asia".
a list of 76 titles
These are sci-fi & horror titles from my collection that originated in Japan, China, Korea, & other Asian countries. I have other lists of sci-fi, horror, & fantasy that may interest those who are just curious.
a list of 88 titles
This is my collection that includes titles and directors from Japan, China, Hong Kong, and other Asian countries. See also my other list "Action from Asia" which is primarily martial arts movies.
a list of 77 titles
ABC stands for Argento, Bava, Coffin Joe, haha! Also here from my collection you will find Margheriti, Fellini, Fulci, (& Warhol?) Mostly Italian, but see my other lists for 11 decades of horror & sci fi
a list of 123 titles
This list includes films from all genres of italian, german, french, spanish, swedish & maybe even russian origin. Here are many great directors as well (Bergman, Fellini, Leone, Lang, etc.)
a list of 1,221 titles
Titles in my collection spanning over a century, from old classic science fiction to modern gore, Universal monsters & Hammer films, aliens, time-travelers, etc. You may also be curious enough to check out my other lists "ABC, My European horror & fantasy collection" and "A collection of Fantasy".
a list of 3,293 titles
These are the titles in my collection that have not been sorted into my other special lists (Sci-Fi & Horror, European westerns, euro horror & fantasy, Asian action & martial arts, etc.) There are no duplicate listings. See my other lists if you are curious. This list has action-adventure, crime, comedy, drama, historical, mysteries, war, westerns, & everything else.
a list of 256 titles
Martial arts titles from Japan, China, Hong Kong, Korea, etc. Lots of Shaw Bros., Jet Li, Sonny Chiba, Toshiro Mifune, Shintaro Katsu (Zatoichi), Jackie Chan & more.
a list of 66 titles
Mostly concerts & documentaries
a list of 60 titles
A coffin full of movies: Leone, Corbucci, Eastwood, van Cleef, J.P. Law, yeah, you know...You may also find other kick-ass westerns in "My DVDs" list.
a list of 298 titles
Sometimes it's difficult to categorize certain movies as fantasy or horror or sci-fi. Yesterday's sci-fi becomes science fact and who's to say if a sci-fi/fantasy may not someday seem plausible? These titles from my collection include fantasy genre films based on comics, mythology, magic, alternate history, etc. See also my other lists, especially "ABC (European fantasy & horror)" and "11 decades of sci-fi & horror" if you are curious.
a list of 73 titles
Miscellaneous recordings from old Hollywood including Pete Smith & Harold Lloyd, some art films, maybe some animations; mostly comedy, some propaganda
a list of 173 titles
This list includes tv series, tv movies, & some comedy & other specials