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A star-crossed couple fights against prejudice and hate in rural Mexico, 2 February 2015

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The plot is loosely based on the Shakespeare drama Romeo and Juliet, transferred to the early XX Century rural areas of Mexico. This movie, shot in Mexico's Film Golden Age portrays two of the biggest stars of Mexico. The superb actor and singer Jorge Negrete, and, in her debut, Maria Felix, known to later generations of Latin Americans as "la Doña", who would become the greatest female star of Mexican cinema. Since the plot comes from the Shakespearian tragedy, the outcome is predicable. But the movie has very good acting and a nice rhythm. I particularly liked the dance scene, with good choreography and compelling acting of both stars, who later in their lives, would become a married couple. This is a good, if not superb, movie, which would be very interesting to people interested in the Mexican cinema history.

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A very sad and sordid story, 14 October 2014

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I have to tell that I was so disappointed by this movie that I left the theater about 40 minutes into the film. My summary is that life has already to many sordid things to sit in a film to look at the sordid world of a young woman turning herself into a call girl. I could not find any artistic value in this film, although it has some good photography. As to a plot other than the process of a girl turning into a whore, I could find none. Direction is mostly focused on showing the main actress tits. I found this film voyeuristic, void of plot and sordid. If you want to learn about this subject instead of going into this film, interview a young call girl. If you are a voyeur, you might like this piece of human garbage.

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A splendid drama among classical musicians, 14 November 2013

This is one of the most beautiful movies I have seen lately. Beautiful photography, a finely crafted plot and a superb ensemble of actors and behind- the - scenes musicians. Two actors carry the weight of the drama on their excellent and proved performance capabilities. Philip Seymour Hoffman the second violin of the Fugue Quartet, and Christopher Walken as the cellist and oldest member. Although the film centers around the performance of Beethoven's No. 131 String Quartet, the core of this movie is about human relations. This movie is not for the guy or girl who loves only high adrenaline + special effects flick. This movie is for people who like theater and old style drama. A bonus for the viewer is the magnificent and moving music by Beethoven, and Korngold. If you love classical music as I do, this film is a rare and precious jewel.

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A very slow boring movie., 26 July 2012

I would say the only element that makes this movie interesting (for about 20 minutes) is the performance of Glenn Close. Other than that the movie plot is slow and boring to the death. This is the second movie I have left before the end in my life - the other was a boring Hungarian film about a white horse- more than 40 tears ago.

The plot lacks the dynamic that makes a good movie compelling to see. It is a very flat story, which could be told in less than 30 minutes. But it takes 113 minutes.

Yes. the film has beautiful photography and costumes, but these cannot compensate the flaws of the plot.

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A beautiful and rare film about redemption, 29 November 2011

A moving and delicate film that you should not miss.

Mike Cahill film begins with the sudden apparition of a perfect replica of our Earth in the sky, which creates the background curtain for a terrible tragedy.

There are discussions of physics and parallel universes. But that is not the core of this movie.

This is a film about sorrow, guilt, growing up, atonement, redemption and love.

The background is that of a science fiction movie, but there are no rockets, collisions, nor vibrant special effects.

The performance of the ethereal Brit Marling, who is also one of the writers of the carefully constructed plot is very moving. But you will not find the convulsive sobbing that some actors believe are necessary for great acting. Her's is an eloquent performance in delicate tones.

William Mapother-s performance is at moments closer to traditional acting but Brit Marling brings into focus the details of this couple's tragedy into a more diffuse and delicate focus.

Great actors, great photography and a precise rhythm, make this film one of the best I've seen in recent years.

But definitely it's not about space travel. Is about the unfathomable internal universe of human beings.

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Boring, boring, boring, 17 June 2010

Who in his right mind thinks that "The Good Wife" is a good title for a TV series? Getting a plot out of only a wife cheated by a politician, is IMHO a very bad way to start a huge TV series.

Mr Margulies as Alicia Florrick has only two or three faces to show: lips sealed, lips slightly opened,and blank face.

By they way, why does she looks so unnatural? Who thought it would be a good idea to plaster her face? Ms Margulies was great at 'Hitler: The rise of evil' and in other performances she has given over time. Here, she is just a glimpse of what she used to be. But I think the fault lies in the director and the producers.

After seeing the first 5 or 6 episodes I just switch channels when I see the Good Wife is coming: it's simply boring....

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A great war and sentimental movie in the same bracket as Casablanca, 11 December 2008

This movie in not just another sentimental movie.

It's a movie about heroism at a personal level. It's about great motives like the defense of freedom and the importance of personal choice in times where values have to be defended, even with your life. It's about personal decisions and living after with the consequences.

Great acting by that giant actor/director, Mr. Orson Wells and a very moving performance by Claudette Colbert, in a very difficult role.

This film has all the elements of a good psychological thriller: someone coming back from the dead, a past that comes to haunt you after 20 years, exile in your own land, fighting the Nazis, and finally, leaving the past behind to join the living in the present.

A great 1946 movie by Irving Pichel. Don't miss it if you see it late at night in the TV. You will be surprised by it's quality.

As a bonus, the third performance in film, by the then 8 year old Natalie Wood, as an adorable little blond Austrian exile girl.

Jarhead (2005)
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I can't believe Sam Mendes accepted this script. It's lousy!, 20 July 2007

I don't know the book this film is based on.

But the script is so poor that this is probably the WORST war related film I've seen in my 60 years of life.

And to anyone who knows Sam Mendes work: you won't find anything to tell you this was the work of the same guy who directed such jewels as 'American Beauty' and 'Road to Perdition'. None! Probably some find the Marine training and jargon attractive enough. But if the motivation is that, then you have better film such as Full Metal Jacket, to just mention one.

Not even the performances by Jake Gyllenhall or Jamie Foxx can save this extremely poor movie, centered on a sniper not having the opportunity to shoot another human being and 'seeing the red mist'. Go figure!

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A clash of singing Titans and a delightful movie, 12 June 2007

'Dos Tipos de Cuidado' (Two dangerous guys) is a romantic comedy of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema. With a predictable script, this movie is a delight to see due to the presence of two of the greatest singer - actors of the Mexican screen: Jorge Negrete and Pedro Infante.

The superb baritone voice of Jorge Negrete (Jorge Bueno) and the magnificent tenor voice of Pedro Infante (Pedro Malo) make this movie one of the jewels of the 'ranchero' gender.

Within a year Jorge Negrete would die of an hepatic disease in Beverly Hills and Pedro Infante would follow four years latter in the crash of a cargo airplane in Mérida that he was piloting. Probably these untimely deaths account for the popularity of this movie, the only in which these two Mexican (and Latin American) superstars would share scenes, of which the singing duel and the final fiesta scenes are monuments of great acting and superb singing.

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A cheating gambler and his two sons go to town, 8 June 2007

Although this film has a very naive plot, it's a delight to see. The reason is Jorge Negrete, the superb Mexican singer and actor. Funny at times, this predictable movie, becomes an entertaining one for the Spanish speaking audience due to the presence of Negrete. Negrete was playing the role of a young Mexican 'charro', but he was, already in his forties, already showing a heavy aspect in his figure. Nevertheless he is as always a charming actor with one of the best voices in the world. The best in the opinion of an acclaimed German opera conductor.

Regrettably this was one of the last movies, for Negrete was close to his untimely death in 1953 caused by an old hepatitis C. I was surprised to see in this movie very long scenes, which went very well. This is an indication of the high professional level of the Golden Age of Mexican cinematography.

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