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Faces of Torture (1988 Video)
Total waste of time. Don't watch or rent it. Worst.
15 September 2005
This movie is a total waste of time. I can't in good conscience recommend this movie to people I even hate. It starts out as a documentary showing several disasters but not displaying anything graphic. This movie tries in vain to be something intelligent. The movie attempts to fool the viewer,that he or she is watching something akin to the Faces of Death movie series. No one dies, no one cries(but me for watching this movie)and it doesn't even make sense. Nothing in the movie relates to the title. There is a scene where Marilyn Monroe is playing with an apple(10 min worth). How does that relate to the title? There is some weird music(composed of about 5 notes that are continuously playing through the whole movie) that continues to play for 15 minutes after the ending credits are played. Worst movie of all time in my viewing movie experience.
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One of the worst movies viewed.
15 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Four astronauts crash land on Mars and struggle to escape. Their antics are incomprehensible and boring. No one dies in this thriller, yet the female astronaut talks about all the dangers present. This movie tends to remind one of a documentary more so than a sci-fi adventure or action flick. The movie will put you asleep if you're not careful. There are many mistakes made in this movie. The astronauts talk about their oxygen running out, yet at times running around without their face shields on exposing themselves to the atmosphere. There is another scene where the female astronaut(Dorothy) says there is no life. She says this to a group after they pass by a tree. One of my favorite parts is the rifle with unlimited ammunition. This astronaut shoots at these poor helpless aliens floating in the water(cheap looking plastic segmented white worm props). He doesn't even hit one of them even after firing 15 to 20 rounds at a range of two feet. Another great part in this movie is the stage hands leg moving the time machine pendulum back and forth. He is up in the rafters in the ceiling. I can't believe they didn't edit that out. John Carradine climax's the movie with a 20 minute dissertation on history and life.When this movie is done, you wonder, "What's the point of this movie?" I can't believe I bought this movie. I purchased it as "Horrors of the Red Planet". The box it came in described this movie as an intergalactic war movie. Obviously they never watched it. This movie is awful and boring. I rank this up in my top 10 worst movies of all time.
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