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All About Anna (2005) (V)
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Not bad, could have been better, 29 January 2006

Let's get one thing straight, normal people have sex for real and capture it on video. They made a decent flick out of it. But it could have been so much more groundbreaking. In the end, Nine Songs went further when it comes to fully explicit content.

The problems with this film were as follows. The director tried to avoid full hardcore shots even though the producers wanted hardcore. Her version of the movie is disjointed and odd. If you are disappointed with what was recorded, blame her.

Plus, she seems to have hired her friends to work the camera and sound, because both were seriously unprofessional. Plus, at one point on the extra disc you spot a production camera they were using, something no better looking than a TRV-950. I know you may be low budget, but please get someone to pony up the cash for a GL2 or something.

Basically this film seems like it was sabotaged by the director. I've seen amateur pornography with higher production values. Maybe in the future there will be another more substantial attempt at this kind of movie.