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This movie is Great, funny, and it's about time., 5 October 2008

I completely loved this movie. I laughed, I shed a tear or two. It was so refreshing to have a movie come out of Hollywood that says what the Silent Majority/Midwesterners are thinking. Hooray for the people with enough courage and conviction to create and appear in this movie. Someone has called it propaganda, but I suppose the liberal nonsense we hear is not? Grow up and Try to see someone else's point of view. There are so many valid points made in this movie, most told in an hysterically funny way, some are more poignant. I will go see this movie again, and can't wait for it to come out on DVD. Thank you to the producer, director and actors in this movie. Thank you.

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Craig Ferguson is the Best !, 23 November 2005

I have to agree, Craig Ferguson's Late Late Show is the best talk show on TV, no contest. He makes me laugh out loud, even at that time of night. Johnny Carson made me laugh like that occasionally, but not regularly, as Craig does.

I first caught his show because Gerard Butler was to be a guest, as I would listen to Gerry read the telephone directory. That interview was the most fun interview of all time, anywhere, with those two guys together, my sides hurt from laughter.

I enjoy watching Craig with his other guests, too, but mostly because of Craig, himself, and his monologue is the best part of the show. It would be nice if he was on earlier so more people would catch his show, perhaps, but I will be there with bells on, no matter what time it is.

Thank you, Scotland - Again!

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A masterpiece!!, 13 September 2005

Andrew Lloyd Webber's music is (as always) breath-taking and beautiful. Emmy Rossum does a lovely job with her part, and her voice is a delight. The supporting actors did a very good job of rounding out the story, the musical number "Masquerade" displaying a wonderful piece of coordination by the actors/singers. Gerard Butler's performance is intense, sensual, and perfect. His heartfelt renditions of his musical numbers are haunting and beautiful, and his portrayal of the Phantom evokes feelings of empathy, and indeed, love for the lonesome, lovelorn man behind the mask. I think this is the message the original author was trying to get across: that to lose the love and genius of a man because we can't overlook an unearned physical flaw is a tragedy, and creates more tragedies. Mr. Butler's performance of this role indicates that he understood this, and knew how to relay it. I predict a long, successful career for this highly talented actor. I have only just been made aware of his work, and will certainly watch for more.