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Alpha Dog (2006)
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Really, really good., 18 January 2007

A lot of people don't want to see this movie because of Justin Timberlake or the trailer. So I'll address both of those issues.

If you can look past whatever stereotype you have of Justin Timberlake, you'll really enjoy his character. Sure, it's hard to picture him as a tough guy and no, I don't think he's a superb actor. But he brings his character across, and well. I really suggest trying to get past the fact of who he is and go see the movie.

Number 2, the trailer. I saw the trailer, and I still went. And in response to another person's comment "you've seen it all if you've seen the trailer." I can definitely say that is not the case. The end of this movie completely surprised me, and no trailer prepared me for that.

Overall, the movie starts off a bit slow and you kind of wonder what will happen. Then it picks up and doesn't stop.

Sure there are drugs and violence and sex and everything. And if you're not a person who has ever done any of the above or wanted to ever, in that case I guess I would say not to see it. How many movies out there are full of sex and violence and cursing? People can't really find a legitimate reason this movie is bad, so they blame it on that stuff. It's a movie. A movie that happens to do with drugs. You can't have a movie about the drug life and all that happens in it without ever having any parties happen...come on now...

I'm terrible at writing comments, but I felt this movie needed one. I LOVED Alpha Dog, and I'm making everyone I know go see it. So if you can take one thing away from this...PLEASE GO SEE THIS MOVIE. It will be well worth your while, I mean it :).

BlackMale (2000)
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Terrible. Terrible. *shakes head*, 6 November 2006

My film teacher showed us this movie to teach us about independent films and because one of his friends worked on it. He warned us in the very beginning that it was a horrible movie and that he was sorry to have to make us watch it. This is coming from a FILM TEACHER WHO WAS FRIENDS WITH SOMEONE WHO HELPED MAKE IT. Everyone at the end of the movie in my class was just shaking their heads and was laughing throughout the whole thing (though it was just stupid, not funny). The acting is too much, the story loses itself after a while and spins way out of control, and it was just overall confusing. The Quentin Tarantino aim was completely lost because I love Tarantino films and I love high-paced action movies and I'm usually really good at following fast stories. This is just a terrible movie and I really highly suggest STAYING AWAY.

Æon Flux (2005)
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what a horrid movie, 11 December 2005

Now normally here I would write a quick little summary about what the movie was about. However, the plot line was so scattered and nonsensical that I can't even begin to attempt to salvage anything from that movie. It was terrible, my friends and I just shook our heads throughout the entire movie. There were more plot holes in this movie than Swiss cheese. I really gave this movie my best attempts at following the story, but I gave up fairly quickly.

I'll give it credit that there were a few good parts. Some parts were actually cool. And Charlize is a stunningly beautiful woman who wore very sexy outfits indeed. But she is better than this movie.

And so are all of you. Please don't go see it. Ever. Unless someone hands it to you for free and you have an hour and a half of your life to throw away.