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28 October 2008
I saw this short at Fantastic Fest, and me and a friend of mine could not stop laughing. And did not until the end of the next short, which was a bit rude I suppose, but we couldn't help it. The concept reminded me of the Family Guy system of joke, in which you beat it to death (literally) until it's funny again...only in this, they go further than anything I've ever seen with that concept, and it just keeps getting funnier as they come up crazier scenarios that would obviously have to take place over the course of a 10 year murder.

If you are anywhere and this is playing. You need to make it a priority.

I need a copy of it!
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Really Bad
2 April 2006
I don't usually gripe about movies on IMDb, but this deserves the exception.

This is a terrible film, with terrible animation and a terrible story with terrible characters and terrible singing and terrible everything. It's one thing to be presenting some sort of point of view, it's another to make the the worst tripe imaginable. It would seem to me this movie got major distribution because the people who saw it don't like good movies and kept telling other people it was really intelligent, and that if they didn't see it and think the same thing they were somehow stupider than this other group of people. And wow, the animation is so terrible and often boring. Someone should have let the animators know that clay can't act unless you make it act (and blinking doesn't count).

Also, it claims to have a lot of punk rock sensibilities, but if you think Billy Joe Armstrong and Tim Armstrong have any punk rock left in them , you won't think so after this movie...

If you are looking for something that looks funny, and think this is going to be it, you will be furious to find out this movie is not funny, despite what it thinks.

After the first big scene, you will be bored for 70 minutes.
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