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One Great Movie, 14 December 2010

I thought this was one of the most Original films Iv ever seen. I loved how Mr. Zombie went his own way with the Story of Michael Myers and made the character a real person and not some walking human tree with no soul. People complain about Laurie, well what do you people expect after what happened to her I think if you were in her shoes you'd be messed up too. Also Even in the first film is shows Loomis is greedy and rites books for his own profit only in this film he shows some true colors that I think he always had in him later in his life. The only complaint I have about this film is The beautiful Danielle Harris was killed off. Other then that great story, great acting, and just a great film.

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Great Film, 16 August 2008

Since the only comments that have been posted on this film are negative, I wanted to put something positive. First off I am fascinated with countries and the ways of life other then what Im used too. This film let an insider see what its like in a country that only exists with in itself without all of the trends, and the typical attitudes by the people you will find in the USA. I can understand their hatred and frustration towards "the land of the free" and it was just magical to me to see what these people are about and what they truly stand for and what they believe. My argument has always been the US wouldn't like it if other nations invaded them and tried to control their way of life so why do they think they can do it to other nations. Whose Washington to say North Koreas wrong?? When it all comes down too it united states citizens are just as brainwashed as any other nation about what is right or wrong but the film is very good and it gives you a look at a country that is basically a secret to the western world.

Arthur (1981)
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Great Comedy, 12 November 2005

Dudley Moore, or "The Knighted Late great Dudley Moore" had to have been one of the greatest actors of my time. I am only 22 and I'm an actor in theater for now and I know good actors when I see them and he's just one of the best. This film is wonderful. Its the kind of movie that can cheer you up when your down and depressed. But Moore himself could always cheer me up from Arthur to Blame it on the Bellboy. This film is comedic genius and It was made in a time where great actors were appreciated. Liza Minnelli is also wonderful and shows her true charm and beauty in this film. it's sad for me now when I see a Moore film because It was such a waste of great talent when he developed his illness and it was one more of the greatst actors to be gone.

Shrek (2001)
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hated it, 23 October 2005

awful, has to be one of the worst films before Napoleon Dynimite. If todays youth today find these films funny. There is a real problem with this country. Of course I knew that when they elected an In-educated hick as President in 04 and a cartoon as Govenor of CA in 03. I thought this was awful. forgive me all you American girls who loves this crap. Movies are made to be something. This is nothing. Buy Dave Chapelle, thats comedy, Of course Richard Pryor is the greatest ever in stand up. You want to really crack up rent Robin Williams on Broadway. Or Even better some Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon. A little "real" talent and comedy never hurt anyone.

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Antonio Is the Ultimate Phantom, 16 October 2005

The only reason I bought this film was to see Mr. Banderas in the singing role he was meant to play. I'm sick of hearing that he overly sang or his costume was not good enough. The only reason no one liked him is because he's a Latino, fair and square. He has the voice, looks and talent yet was denied the starring role in the film to an actor with no vocal talent whats so ever. Luckily anyone who can appreciate the great talent of this man can see how great of a singer he is. And another note it was great to see Glenn Close as Norma Desmond, The original Sunset Blvd is my favorite film and she comes off very well as the deranged character.