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Lucas (1986)
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The greatest teen film of all time, 5 November 2005

Hollywood never targets movies at teens, but in this brief time , there was hope that they may start. Anyone in middle school who has seen this film and can't relate to it is lying. The performances, masterful, the plot, fresh, the ending redeeming, it is one of the best films period. True, the 80's brought some cancers to cinema (Road House)but this is a glimmer of truth that shows that not all filmmakers were on drugs. If this film had grossed millions there would be more like it and that makes me sad; however, maybe it's for the best for now we can look at this gem as the greatest teen movie that has ever be made. So bravo, for lucas and for all cinema.

Road House (1989)
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What an Awful Movie this Is!, 29 October 2005

I have seen just a few minutes of this movie but i still know it is terrible. The fight scenes were as unrealistic, mediocre and useless as they come. With a fight movie like this there is no plot; it is rather a shoving of Patrick Swayze and fake blood together. Also, this film is filed with cliché lines that try to be classics in film, and probably are in Redneck towns, but are just stupid to me. And hey, i had no clue that by staying in a single position and thrusting forward(which a female brawler does in this film), you can deliver a punch strong enough to cause a nosebleed. I only watched 5 and 1/2 minutes of Road House, because if i watched anymore i would have lost a few dozen I.Q points.

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Without any thought, the best movie i have ever seen, 11 September 2005

One night when i was browsing through the channels and my dad was doing laundry. The Shawshank Redemption came up and he said it was one of his favorite films. I had no idea why until i watched it. The movies performances, specifically Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman, are both incredibly complex and are both Oscar quality. The set of the prison and supporting cast and extras are all masterfully organized. The story is crisp and original, and has deep emotion to it. This movie received 7 Oscar nominations and won none, i believe because Forrest Gump stole all the thunder. But if it were my choice, The Shawshank Redemption would have won Best Picture and is in my mind the best film i have ever seen.

Rat Race (2001)
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absolutely brilliant, 10 September 2005

i honestly do not believe that we will ever see a more clever or well written ensemble comedy for roughly 10 years. it is well written with about 4 dozen good jokes and a whole lot of cheesy heart filled moments. there is not too much swearing, which is good. I feel there are a couple of people who deserve acknowledgments. The first is Andy Breckman for his brilliant screenplay. The next is Jon Lovitz for giving the best performance in the whole movie. I can't leave out Jerry Zucker for direction. Last, i need to credit Lovitz for the genius Nazi scene. See this movie if you have not it is brilliant. From the piecaptain himself, that is really rare.

The Man (2005)
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i liked it, 10 September 2005

Everyone in this website thinks this is a bad movie, but i wholeheartedly disagree.(pardon my spelling). Now it's true that buddy cop movies have been copied since 48 hours, but this one uses the formula they all use and cuts out all the cheesy special effects and awkward dialogue that the "bad boys" films had. Also, good movies don't have to be longer than 2 hours to be great ,and at 79 minutes, this film uses it's time wisely. Jackson and Levy are hilariously Miss-matched in two on key performances. So, just give this movie a chance and ignore the clear ripoff, the exorcism of Emily rose. One more thing, Roger Ebert gave this movie 1 and a half stars but he also gave, "the honeymooners" 3. Think about that.