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Mmm, series = much, much better, 14 September 2005

You know what makes a good story? A good plot. You know what Escaflowne the movie is missing? Any semblance of a plot. Now, I saw the movie before I saw the series, and thought it was half-way alright--at the time. I remember thinking the first time I watched it "I can't believe I paid money for this." If you want something that has a PLOT and CHARACTER GROWTH and that MAKES SENSE, watch the SERIES--that's good. The movie--eh, not so. Some really cool fight scenes, an epic soundtrack from Yoko Kanno, and good animation are its only good attributes in my opinion. Wouldn't recommend the movie. Watch the series.

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A story with an ending no one I know could even guess, 10 September 2005

This series has one of the most amazing endings I've ever seen...ANYWHERE. Out the half dozen other people I know who've seen the entire series, not one of us was able to even come close to guessing the ending. FMA reminds me a bit of Harry Potter just in that, in both series, you have 1) child prodigies, 2) engrossing character growth and plot development, and 3) a story that individuals of all ages can appreciate and enjoy. One thing I appreciated and enjoyed very much about the series is that it's like one long fable--there's moral after moral after moral. As a side-note, it's one of the only animes that I've seen which spans several years, allowing for a lot more character growth and focus on the players in the story than is typically seen in most animes. Probably the single best anime that I've ever seen, and certainly in my Top 10 favorite stories of all time. Like Harry Potter though, it may at first appear to be a kids' story, but toward the end it's oriented more toward adults. Highly recommended.