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Durham county shows great promise, 13 May 2007

Now like most Canadians out there were terrified to start watching a Canadian television series since they don't always last very long and we are grateful when they do. Though usually were stuck with lame comedies like Little Mosque On The Prairie (don't get me started on that cheese) and Corner Gas (sorry, but not funny). I love The Movie Network because so far they've come out with shows i've really enjoyed. Slings and Arrows was probably the best example of that. One of my favorite shows ever. The movie network is kinda like our HBO.

Last week I watched the series premier of Durham County. First of all the setting creates such a spectacular backdrop for the show. If you were expecting some happy suburb where the sun is always shinning then I suggest you turn the channel to Desperate Housewives. In Durham County the sky is gray and the view from the backyard is of a electrical plant (I don't quite know the right terminology. The show opens with a the strange sight of two school girls getting murdered in a forest of some sort. Then it cuts to our very first glimpse of Mike Sweeney, a homicide detective who moved with his wife and daughter to Durham after the murder of his partner in a drive-by shooting. His wife we soon guess is a recovering breast cancer patient. This is revealed when she is getting ready for a welcome-to-the-neighbourhood party and uses wigs and fake breasts. Their teenage daughter Sadie is typically rebellious but I like her in the way that that's not all their is to her character so far.

We are introduced the neighbours, Ray and Traci Prager and their teenage son Ray Jr. We sense immediately that there is something wrong with Ray Sr. He is a very intense man who can be loving to his wife one second and violent and demanding the other.

The set-up I think is great. I can't write a proper review right now, but i'm really exited to see what happens. I'll definitely be watching tomorrow's episode or taping it. The premise is great, the characters so far intriguing and a strange mysterious atmosphere that I love. SO WATCH IT!

Youngblood (1986)
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I found myself bored by this movie, 28 January 2007

I found myself bored by this movie. Firstly, I did not like Rob Lowe or Cynthia Gibb in this movie. I found their characters predictable and cliché and their romance even more so. I did like Patrick Swayze, I though he gave a good performance. But I have to say in a movie like this it isn't good to judge performances as the material isn't very hard to act.

My main problem was as I said, it doesn't capture your attention and i'm mostly talking about the hockey games. I felt like their wasn't even an effort to make the action interesting. I should have been cheering the characters on at that last hockey game but I bored. I guess my opinion is a bit biased after watching the Maurice Richard movie whose hockey sequences were rivaled by no one else in their excitement and joy.

I certainly would not recommend this movie to hockey fans. Maybe the lingering Rob Lowe fans would enjoy it but i found this to be a boring and unmoving film even for a teen movie.

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Supernatural review, 1 January 2006

I've only watched a few episodes, but this show shouldn't be disregarded as just another WB made-for-teen shows. Yeah it actually makes sense most of the time. The plot isn't stupid or completely outrageous and makes you want to barf all over the carpet. Sure the two main characters are extremely good looking, but the characters (while they might be a bit stereotyped) are interesting and fun to watch when they have the brother bickering going on. It has some great lines least I laughed. It has some scary moments,some suspenseful ones and some just really f-ing cool ones.

Yeah I definitively recommend it. It sure ain't "normal" teen show and thank the heavens for that. The only thing i'm worried about is if they try and make the show more appealing to the more shallow and weak little girls of our generation. I'm soooo f-ing tired of all these Mary-Sue like chick personas with flat stomachs and just begging for people to save them.

I must admit the show is flawed in many ways, but the flaws aren't so apparent and the show is still excellent even with them.

You! Go watch SupernaturaL RIGHT NOW!