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I, Anna (2012)
A slow start but worth the wait....
15 October 2012
The erroneous synopsis to this stylish if slightly flawed thriller, does not do the intricate, complex story the justice it deserves. Barnaby Southcombe's debut feature is an adaption of Elsa Lewin's dark novel of the same name. Shot in various locations around London, it unravels the story of the relationship between a high ranking detective (Gabriel Byrne) investigating the murder of a no good low life, and a middle aged divorcée, Charlotte Rampling, with whom he develops a potentially damaging obsession. The film unfolds slowly but is worth the wait. The film engages the viewer as the pace quickens and story intensifies and things just gets better and better. Strong performances from the two stars as one would expect. A wonderful vehicle for Charlotte Rampling to prove a woman over 50 can be just as sexy and alluring as any 25 year old, she is totally convincing as the fragile, complex protagonist. And a real treat to have Eddie Marsan on screen, every film is improved by his presence, never puts a foot wrong, superb. London is a stylish but never overwhelming backdrop to this pleasing contemporary film noir. And a cracking soundtrack too...
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I saw this film and was extremely disappointed
9 September 2005
A trip to the cineam in the UK is not a cheap businesss any more, so I try to pick films carefully before spending my hard earned cash at the box office. Me You and Everyone We know had all the credentials of an interesting quirky film. No big Hollywood names, no big special effects, no violence, just an interesting intimate story into which an audience can throw itself. My kind of film. Or so I thought. However, I was sorely disappointed. A film can have many things wrong with it, it can be technically deficient, bad lighting, camera-work, continuity - but if the story line holds the audience's interest all these can be forgiven. When the narrative is slow and the film poorly edited al is lost, no matter how beautiful the lighting or impresssive the acting etc. Unfortunately in the case of this film I didn't feel it suceeded on any level. I could not engage with the characters,, I found the performances unconvincing and the dialogue stilted. The best performance comes from the children, but I wasn't sure at any point who I was really supposed to be following. The film looked as if it had been shot on some 16mm someone had left in a dust bowl, and the lighting veered from dull overcast day to full bright sunlight and blue sky during the same conversation, what was the DoP thinking of? I am sorry to be so negative, I really like to support "off Hollywood" productions but there are too many really talented young directors out there trying to get an audience and I don't think this one deserved to get theatrical release.
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