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Not the best FPS I've ever played, but far from the worst., 14 July 2007

This game is a very short jaunt through the mean streets of Mega-City One, but it's actually an "all right" experience for what you get. Yes, the Dark Judges are too easily defeated, and yes, there is far too little of the perp-arresting that makes the first couple of levels so much fun, but immolating perps and watching them run around shrieking and flapping their limbs while they burn down to a skeleton never gets old. The multi-player levels are a great deal of fun as well, with the action coming fast and furious - a description which can be applied to the later levels on the highest difficulty setting, too, where conserving ammunition and switching between your weapons becomes of paramount importance.

My major complaint is that the enemies are far too generic in between the showdowns with the Dark Judges (who should have been beefed up significantly). Where were the Angel gang, for instance? Having Mean Machine Angel show up and unleash a butt-frenzy would have been a dream come true.

Still, this is a functional, unapologetically-shallow first-person blaster, which manages to be a fun little diversion despite all of its faults.