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Some Nolanite troll or something posted a list of his "best screenplays" and it was all Nolan crap plus The Avengers or something, and then challenged me to do better and called my mom a whore.
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The title needs work, but its pretty obvious to see that a lot of sci-fi horror films with massive budgets (usually marketed as blockbusters) came out in the late 90's. No other era of films has produced 50-80 million dollar horror films, all with VERY hard R-ratings. Another thing that ties them all together is that they all had bad critical reception and most of these films flopped and were massive losses to the studio. Let's take a look! Which is the best? This era is probably why modern studios refuse to let an R-rating fly with 100 million dollar films. This era is why Deadpool isn't released yet! Blame this era!
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These movies aren't as near as good as you think but you guys grew up with them and you genuinely think they are 10/10 masterpieces. If you saw these for the first time as adults, you'd see them for the meh that they are.
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I'm not really a film buff, but whatever. Plus, the list isnt finished yet.