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xXx -thounsands of times better than any 007, 30 January 2013

This is a very American Film and a totally entertaining if you enjoy American Culture and American Humor. All the themes of Sam Greenlee's "The Spy who Sat by the Door" are built upon so there are definitely glimpses of reality in with the fantasy. There is a little bit of everything in this actions film: action, suspense, crash'em-ups, humor, romance, high tech, justice, patriotism and loyalty; all rolled up with high quality director, writer and actors. Women characters are an integral part of the film - not just sex objects or used for horrendous 'snuff' scenes. xXx has all the right moves plus street cred. xXx played by Ice Cube is the BEST secret agent on the planet (btw Skyfall sucks next to xXx: State of the Union.

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The rules aren't always the Right Rules!, 27 November 2011

I want to say this is a fantastic film. If you care about people you will like this film. If you've ever been a teenager so passionate about a contest that you will steal a car to win: you will love this film. If you've ever been the BEST at what you do only to get pushed aside you will totally understand this film. A kind of buddy picture - two fellows with brains and a way of getting on each other's nerves that keeps pushing them forward until they finally reach their goal. They are both from the edges of California society where the real people live. The filming takes your right into the world of a California high school boy and his family even when he ends up a waiting cell and even when he makes friends with a whole group of heroes he never imagined were still alive. He figures having the best living movie makers on your team can only help. And they are amazing.

Sayles and Renzi give us a winner in Honeydripper, 29 May 2010

John Sayles and Maggie Renzi have offered their audiences so many entertaining 'slice of life' movies but this is the best one yet. Slow and lazy times in the South don't necessarily mean the living is easy . . . Tyrone has to make some heavy-duty decisions if he wants to stay in business . . . decisions that could make or break not only his business but his reputation as well. f you have your own business you may feel more anxiety as Tyrone tries to bring in customers. And the music is not to be missed. Blues and Keb'Mo' and rockin'roll music are an integral part of the narrative. The love story between two of the younger generation (don't want to give away a spoiler) is very sweet. High quality ensemble cast.The relationships between the characters play true to real life.

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Here's a great movie for men ages 16 to 30, 25 November 2008

John Talia, Jr. knows what he wants to do with his life. He also knows to really improve his talent he needs a mentor.

Wisely he chooses the great Russian master, Nicoli Seroff.

Big problem though, Nicoli has withdrawn from the world and wants to be left alone with his bottle of vodka.

Angry, obnoxious and disappointed, Nicoli scares most people away. John perseveres and learns the best and the worst about what life has to offer.

No Transformer-Robots here yet these two characters are transformed as they journey down a rocky road of friendship.

At the end of the journey they are both ready to face with maturity the next portion of their lives.

Do Not Miss This Movie!

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Turkish Upstairs Downstairs, 31 October 2005

This Turkish series is filled with attractive characters, both good-looking and each (even a would-be assassin)have some endearing characteristic. The rich and their servants interact in absolutely beautiful natural outdoor scenes and beautifully decorated indoor locations. The Turkish rugs decorating the homes are lovely. There are many sweet moments as well as anxious exciting ones. The Turkish landscape, scrumptious food, restaurants, cafés and hotels are inviting. There is romance a plenty for all ages such as college student, newlywed and December-December loves. I enjoy a lot the taste of magic and telling the future in some episodes. There is everything from crime suspense to old fashioned herbal healing to marital spats all available here for an enjoyable escape Deep in the East.