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Salt (2010)
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This movie states: Russians are dicks, 5 August 2010

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Seriously you guys? At one point of the film the Russians kill a guy and celebrate that in the following way: everybody just pulls out a shot of vodka. They are all carrying guns, machine guns etc. and in the next moment they just pull out glasses FILLED with vodka! WTF?! Seriously? The whole movie is kinda ridiculous - special agent "Salt" does not kill a single American (just injures a few, but never fatally), however when she's got the chance she murders at least a dozen Russians without a blink of her eye. And we are supposed to be wondering if she's a Russian or American spy. REEEAAAALLY? This movie is just awful.

Also, not sure why, but before watching it Angelina was still "hot chick" for me. She's "aunt Angie" from now on.

The Others (2001)
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Totally boring movie, 7 September 2005

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The movie is awfully boring and i almost fell asleep while I watched it. The movie tells us about a few people who think they're alive 'till the end when they realize they're actually dead. BORING! Nothing really happens all the time, just a few screams. Not to mention that everything so chaotic you don't realize why things go that way you don't realize why the boring characters act that way. I'm not sure if the director realized what should be the next scene, so he just filmed everything in a chaotic manner. There are far better movies so don't waste your time on this one - you'll not feel satisfaction after it, not to mention how confused you'll be about whether you or the world has gone so wrong.