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I know. You can count the number of good remakes (Cape Fear, The Fly, The Thing, The Departed) on your fingers; and count the number of bad remakes (Dawn of the Dead, Total Recall, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) with grains of sand on the beach. But many of those remakes should never have been made (Psycho); or were just slapped together to make a quick buck (Clash of the Titans).

If done right, any of the movies below can be re-done and be a good movie. You may look at one or more of the movies below and think it's too much of a classic to be re-made. The sad thing is, it's near impossible to get someone to watch a movie that's 40+ years old.
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Sometimes you see an actress and she's so gorgeous you gotta do something, so I did this. These women are not ranked, just added to the list as I think of them. Obviously, the women from past decades were hot in their time...consider it circa the movie I listed in their comment. Always open to suggestions.
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I hate it when the poster for a movie has 2 stars and Actor 1 is on the left of Actor 2 but Actor 1's name is on the right of Actor 2's name. I really hate that!

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How I would have changed these movies.
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Just some great props from movies I like that would be amazing just to hold and tell people this is the actual xxxxx that yyyyy used in zzzzz. Many of the movies have multiple props listed. I don't know if these things are owned by a studio, or a private collector, or even lost (hope not).

Also, I'm trying to limit the list to props, or at least things that can be held. I don't want to include cars, models, costumes, masks, or puppets...or this list would be endless.

If you can think of anything else that belongs on this list, please Comment.
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If I'm flipping through the channels and stumble on one of these movies, chances are I'll watch it again.
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If you're like me, you cringe when you hear the word remake. But there have been a few good ones. Like these ones, below, for instance.
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A list of Movies and TV Shows that for whatever reason are valued more than they are worth.

I can honestly say I hate everything on this list, and worse - I hate that everyone seems to love them.
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B-Movies we love. Cheesy SFX, Corny dialog, and plot holes in every direction. What's not to love?
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First off, I'm a guy, so it's mostly guy-ish movies, and very few chick-flix. If you go through the list, you'll see I have actors I really like multiple times, like Marlon Brando, Jack Nicholson, Dustin Hoffman, Gene Hackman, Robert DeNiro, Daniel Day-Lewis to name a few. I'm also partial to directors like Kubrick, Lynch, Scorsese, Woody Allen,....

I'm happy with the performances I've selected, and I'm happy with the Top 5, but I admit the rest of the ordering needs work. I appreciate any ordering suggestions and/or Performances I may have missed.
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...well, not really the *worst*, or else it would be a list of Ed Wood/Roger Corman and various MST3K films. This is more a list about movies I had hopes were good, but turned out to be very horrible.
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Some of these movies are great movies, some guys will find kinda bad. But if your girlfriend keeps suggesting horrible, horrible movies, maybe ask her to pick out one of these. I guarantee all of these are much better than: Sleepless in Seattle, Legally Blonde, Miss Congeniality, What Women Want, West Side Story, American in Paris, A Family get the point.