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not believable, 28 January 2014

After seeing all the advertisement in December about this new show to be broadcast in January 2014, it looked really interesting. And yes, it did remind a bit of "Six Million Dollar Man".

So, who are the villains of today? well, just read today's news and decide for yourself on who is not in favor with the West nowadays. And yes, our hero has a heart. A soft spot for humanity, rescuing the weak and the needy. But quite simply, the plots are not believable. It has all of real-life complexities removed, producing instead a simplistic foreign-affairs viewpoint that is just unwatchable.

Big disappointment. Big note to CBS and its advertisement clients, if you are reading this: I am switching off, and not watching commercial advertisement that comes with it.

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good production and decoration, but story is not believable, 6 January 2014

Excellent cinematography and rendition of interiors. Was particularly impressed with the sound of doors closing, the same clunky noise of wood doors. Also, the period clothing recreation is excellent. The motor vehicles, train, and airplane transport rendition are excellent. In this regard, the film is definitely worth watching.

But the story, colorful it is, is not believable. It has a nice happy ending, and somewhat predictable, but in reality, such a story would not have happened.

In the theme of impersonation during that period, the film "Europa, Europa" is more believable.

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disappointed in seeing old clichés and stereotypes and melodrama, 30 December 2013

Set up myself to watch this DVD with great anticipation, having high expectations from what seemed an engaging internationalist story with interesting characters. Having distanced myself from over-sentimental Hollywood production, I often turn to the more complex European productions. But this was an unexpected disappointment. There were the usual clichés, the usual scenes of old neighborhoods and relationships, the usual stereotypes, the "good" folks and the "bad" folks, and simplistic portrayal of societal conflict. It almost seemed as if it was done on purpose to dumb-down some moral educational principle to a population, as on a mission of historical revisionism and political correctness.

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Slow moving thriller, 11 March 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A thriller, with a outdoor scenery shots in a snowy rural Sweden, and the rest shot in the central Italian region of Abbruzzi near Sulmona. The photography was great, with beautiful scenery shots of long landscapes, road curves, and medieval urban topography of alleys, steps, and side passages in a gray cold setting. But the plot is slow, and what is what expected never happens. At the end, not much happens. The role of the small town priest is a bit like the priest in CRISTO SI E' FERMATO AD EBOLI and that was a powerful character in the plot. The urban topography of the old town was used to infer intrigue of people hiding and people following, but it was not used as effectively as in RONIN, the latter using the alleys in the ancient roman amphitheater of Arles. One scene that was totally non-believable was the total male sexual fantasy of woman undressing and bathing in the creek - that scene was ill conceived and cast the final doubt on this production.

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disappointingly stereotypical, 8 February 2012

Someone tells you one word: "Sicily". Quick, quick, what do you think? you think of Godfather scenes, of rolling rural landscapes, societies scarred by vendettas and inter-family violence, closeups of old rugged facial lineaments, scenes of emigration on rural lifestyle.

Now, the true Sicily is much different, with modern office buildings, people holding cell phones and having business meetings, and a much more urban society.

For a motion picture financed and produced just a few years ago, and supposedly on a modern story, this production was a disappointment. Totally stereotypical. I mean, Antonioni's "L'Avventura" from forty years earlier looks much more modern.

Obviously, the producers wanted to create a cash cow and sell it to the American audience, still nostalgic of the GF series. Smart movie-goers can easily see through the facade, and not like this production. The producers think that the audience is stupid enough to see their stereotypical work.

If you want to see a motion picture that portrays modern Italy with its crime-ridden background, see Gomorrah.

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a Chinese version of the Rocky in Russia, 25 July 2011

So, in Rocky IV, we saw the American facing overwhelming odds while in Russia.

In this one, we see an American facing overwhelming odds while in China.

The character of the American mother is at best, irritating. Not sure if that was the intention of the script writer. I wonder what was the reaction by Chinese audiences in seeing the role of a woman from impoverished Detroit settling in a Chinese city and feeling entitled to an American standard of living.

The one quote in the movie that summarizes this flick is "We can no longer be friends. You are bad for my life". Agreed.

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outdoor takes, 2 June 2011

Nice movie, with many takes outdoors shot on location in the Friuli-Venezia-Giulia region. To add even more authenticity, some of the scenes that are indoors are inside a meeting room with large posters on the wall of what seems to be photographs of the great earthquake in Friuli of 1976, suggesting that the municipal building in where the characters meet is a building built or restored after that earthquake.

There are nice scenes of mountain stark scenery, with clean tree branches.

Yes, the main investigator speaks with an accent of southern Italy, but then, many in law enforcement are from the south of Italy, so to me, that added to the authenticity.

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Almost left after the first half, 7 April 2011

In a somewhat dysfunctional build-up of characters, the director focuses almost exclusively all the screen real-estate space on the two main characters, their personalities, their neuroses. No sound track, very little landscape visuals and surroundings, no action. The characters have inherent personality and social flaws, almost unbearable to watch. If you like this kind of film, then it's for you. It was not for me. In a way, it almost reminded me a bit of some of the films by the Taviani brothers, and ironically, one of them, "La Notte di San Lorenzo", was entirely filmed in a Tuscany town, just as this one. BTW, I liked the ending, the final shot. It was exactly what I expected. Simple, minimalistic, not much else to say. It summarized the entire film.

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slow and boring, 5 April 2010

Want to watch a movie about a fast-minded young woman whose job is to shadow a slow-moving old man suffering from Alzheimer's? then this movie is for you.

Many scenes and takes were painfully slow. Does the audience really needed to suffer from such slow takes? The opening scene, for example, shows the old man slowly trying to figure out how to put on a tie. I kid-you-not, it took three minutes.

Other scenes that were just to slow were the scenes inside train stations, inside mass-transit buses, inside moving trains. Maybe the director wanted to send a message to the audience: traveling is slow and nothing happens.

There were outdoor scenes of small towns in the Umbria region. Small towns like Lugnano in Teverina. Yet, very little was done in taking advantage of such locations. Why even bother, then, of shooting takes in these towns.

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slow, not a thriller, 10 November 2009

This film is currently traveling in North America, being shown at the Polish Film Festival in Chicago, and also in the Pittsburgh Three Rivers Film Festival.

Billed as a "thriller", the story line seemed similar to Andrej Wajda's "Man of Marble", in which a film student needs to make a film in order to graduate, picks a subject, and while digging info, finds out that there is a lot more, buried in layers and layers of covered up history.

This one is not even close. Cannot reveal anything about the story, to stick to IMDb guidelines, so suffice to say that in comparison with "Man of Marble", this one is much weaker in narrative, storyline, suspense, historical references. It is rather slow, and in some moments, I could have slept: that is what happens when psychiatry is the subject of a motion picture.

From a cinematographic point of view, it is well photographed, and professionally produced. But there are signs it is a bit "forced": take for example the couple of scenes with rain pouring. There is one at the beginning, and fittingly, there is one at the end. The movie starts and ends with rain, and sunny in the rest of the film. But the end scene, seemed artificial, almost created symbolically.

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