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Pretty good chick-flick.
8 December 2009
It's about time a good chick-flick came around with not only romance but humour as well. I love this movie, I thought it was very funny, and it exploits men and women, at their good and bad times. The advice that Gerald Butler gives is humorous but also true to some point. Katharine Heigl is really funny, I love her, she was great in 27 Dresses, another pretty good chick-flick. Both of the main actors do an incredible job for what they were given, yes it could have been better. It's funny because normally my husband like most guys, don't really care for chick-flicks, and he said he'd love to watch it again. I thought it was really funny, and I didn't mind hearing Gerald Butler's accent again, he's great.
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Junior (1994)
Really funny movie!
8 September 2008
You know what, when I watched this movie, I was thinking, how the heck could anybody go through that. Well, I am currently experiencing pretty much what "The Governator" aka Arnold went through, and believe it or not, it kind of prepared me for what I was/am going through. Besides all the physical changes, there are lot's of emotional changes, and I think they showed that side of pregnancy really well.

I thought Arnold did an amazing job, and he went through something that no man can experience. Also, Danny DeVito, always been a huge fan, was excellent as his doctor. I want somebody like him to be mine, but unfortunately, nobody has his distinct humor.

Ivan Reitman, the guy who brought us Ghostbusters and Twins, did an amazing job again, it's always a pleasure watching one of his movies. Not to mention, Pamela Reed and Emma Thompson did an amazing job as well.

This movie has to be one of my favourite movies with Arnold, he's incredible, and yes, somewhat believable, 2 thumbs up for the big guy! I gave this movie 8 out of 10, because it has a great script, great acting, but nobody's perfect. It still has a couple flaws, but needless to say, I overlooked most of them.
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Best movie of 2008... definitely!
24 July 2008
If you liked "Batman Begins", you'll love "The Dark Knight". The world was shocked on January 22, 2008 when we found out that the beloved Australian actor Heath Ledger had passed away. Like most of his fans, I was hurting, and I thought wow, you know he was so young. However, when I went to see "The Dark Knight" knowing that it was one of Heath Ledger's last roles, I was wowed by his performance. I think it was something that everybody will remember him for, if not his looks and accent.

He did an incredible job, and let's not forget the "Bat" himself, again Christian Bale did a marvelous job, and I can't wait to see if there's going to be a trilogy, in this series. Also the supporting cast starring Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine were excellent too.

This movie was pretty long, 2 1/2 hours, but it was well worth it. I know when I was watching "LOTR: Return Of The King" time seemed to fly, and it did with "The Dark Knight".

It had a great story line, excellent acting, lot's of jam-packed action and a wonderful, unforgettable, memorable cast. Will there be a trilogy in the making, who knows? I definitely can't wait to find out! I gave this a 9 out of 10 for obvious reasons, I've stated why I loved it, and I can't wait till it comes out on Blu-Ray so I can buy it. You go watch it and see for yourself.
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Mama's Boy (2007)
Two thumbs up for Manwich!
14 July 2008
Hey guys, I don't understand why everybody is knocking this film. I didn't think it was great, but it was good. I first saw Jon in his breakout film Napoleon Dynamite, and yes, it was pretty funny. He played a geeky guy in that movie, and a lot of people found his character kind of a geek in this movie. However, I liked him in this movie, probably because I was a geek in high school and I kind of bonded with his character. However I did not live at home with my Mom til I was in my 30's.

Jeff Daniels, well, you either liked his character or you didn't. I personally liked his character, he plays the kind of character that you love to hate. Diane Keaton, I thought was brilliant as the Kool-Aid Mom. She's the kind of mother that every kid wished they had. Anna Faris, it's funny, because I'm used to seeing her in comedies like the Scary Movie series, however, I loved her playing the straight character for once. It's great to have another good upcoming star.

This movie was pretty funny, however it did have a serious side, the storyline was okay, the acting was pretty good. I wouldn't buy this movie, but I liked watching it.
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Not just good, but great.
14 July 2008
P.S. I love you is a great movie. This is the first film I've seen Gerald Butler in, and I have to say, I'm a huge fan, and I just found out that it's the same guy as in 300. Also, I'm a huge fan of Kathy Bates, loved her in Misery, and I haven't seen her in really any great roles in a while, but I loved her as Hilary Swanks mom, very believable.

Hilary Swank is incredible, she's the perfect widow. I totally felt her pain and suffering and yet, I'm happily married. I have seen this movie about 10-20 times, and every time I watch it, I still cry at the end.

The story is wonderful, the music incredible, I've never been Ireland, but after watching this movie as many times as I have, it makes me feel like I've been there. I've always been a huge fan of Celtic music, and it's wonderful.

I have to say I love Gerald Butler's voice, that song, I Love You Til' The End, was amazing, it moved me. I'm not sure what that song is called, but it's great.

Anyways, I gave this movie 8 out of 10, because it's not quite perfect, however it does have a great story that moved me in many ways, who knows maybe it's a woman thing. The acting and sets were incredible. I love Lisa Kudrow, I've loved her since the first episode of Friends, and I was delighted to see her play that lovable character with humour and wit.

2 Thumbs Up!
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Does anybody else feel like shopping at this store?
9 May 2008
I love Costco it has everything, it's in a warehouse for crying out loud. If Dane Cook and Dax Shepherd were employees there, I'd be there everyday, until closing of course. I used to watch Punk'd which starred Ashton Kutcher and Dax, and I never heard of Dax before that show, but I loved him on Punk'd and when I heard he was going to be in the movies, I was thrilled.

Everybody in this cast was amazing, it's funny, I used to watch the Newlyweds starring Jessica Simpson and Nick Lache, and they made her look so dippy, and I was like Oh my god, can you say BLONDE! I hate to admit it folks, but she was pretty good in this movie.

Dane Cook, as everybody knows, or should know he's a stand-up comedian turned actor, and like most stand-ups he's pretty funny. He's kind of an eye-sore though, but I'm not complaining.

Okay, so bottom-line, if any of these guys/girls worked at Costco, I would so shop there, and I'd be looking for lot's of help. My husband just watched this movie for the first time a little while ago, and he said that he might enjoy shopping more if Jessica Simpson worked there. By the way, he's also a fan of Dane and says he's hilarious, so there.

Great movie, 9/10
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Get ready to get "munk'd"!
9 May 2008
I loved this movie, it was very funny, had a great story and had everybody's favorite sons, Alvin, Simon and Theodore. I remember watching the Chipmunk cartoon when I was a kid, and loved it, it was great, had lot's of laughs, my favorite was Alvin.

I always compared me and my sisters to the Chipmunks because we used to always have a lot of fun and we used to pretend we were in a band and were famous. Well, I never had a father like David Seville, but I always wanted one, and yes my father did yell at me just like Dave does with Alvin.

I thought Jason Lee was perfect as David Seville, a lot of people didn't think he did an okay job, but I loved him. I liked the reference to My Name is Earl, I thought it was very funny.

I always wondered how Dave hooked up with three chipmunks, and now I know. I thought it was great how the 4 hooked up, and I do remember watching the episode when Uncle Ian showed up, and I wasn't really a fan of him. It got worse when my parents had a boy and named him Ian, and he was always a trouble-maker, still is, lol.

It was a great movie, wasn't the best, but it was still a good movie to watch. My five yr. old nephew loves the chipmunks and he thought it was very funny, a lot of kids will like this one, but I think pretty much it's a movie the whole family can enjoy. I gave this movie 7 out of ten, because the CG chipmunks were really cute and enjoyable to watch they say in their theme song, "Were the Chipmunks, Alvin, Simon,, do, do, do, do do. Great movie!
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Dane is hilarious...
9 May 2008
K, guys, I've seen a lot of bad reviews for this movie, and like, what's up with that? Personally, this wasn't my favorite Dane Cook movie, but it wasn't the worst, I really liked him in this movie. My brother has Dane Cook's CD and I heard it, and I was like....this guy is kinda offensive...but funny, in a way. However on the screen Dane comes out looking good. I'm not going to spoil the movie for ya, but I will tell you it's great.

A lot of women didn't like Dane Cook, and I don't know why, I saw him in a magazine and I was like...this guy is kinda cute. My husband he disagrees obviously, but he likes Dane Cook now, and he says he's a pretty funny guy.

I'm not a huge fan of Jessica Alba, but I liked her in the Fantastic Four movies and thought she did a really good job, but could she do a chick flick, duh.

I liked the connection between the two actors, you can really feel it as an audience member and it made you believe that they could actually be in a relationship that works. I got to tell ya, the whole curse thing, that would creep me out, but I guess Dane's character is alright with that, is it a chick thing? 6/10
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Best Mike Myers role ever....???
29 April 2008
Well, let's just say, I don't know if it was one of his best, because he's known throughout the WORLD as Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery. However, like most Canadians, I am proud to say that Mike Myers is one of us, and he has a great sense of humor.

This wasn't my favorite Mike Myers role, but it was really funny. Anthony LaPaglia is perfect in this movie as the bumbling cop, it really suits him well. I can't give away the story line, but let me just tell you it has all the right twists and turns.

Usually comedies don't have a lot of suspense in them, but this one did, and yes it had me guessing all the way to the end, is she or isn't she? I loved the cameos especially the late, the great, Phil Hartman, being a Saturday Night Live fan, it was really great seeing him in one of his great roles. Charles Grodin is funny as the angry guy in the car, very funny.

Anyways, it's a great movie filled with laughs, suspense and of course Mike Myers. I gave this movie a 7 out of 10, because well, it was a pretty good movie, maybe even great, and it had me guessing right up until the very end.
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Saw IV (2007)
Not the best, but not the worst of the series...either
23 February 2008
I gave this movie a 7 out of 10, because it's definitely not the worst in the series but not the best. I really enjoyed this movie, yes it had more gore and suspense than the past 3 films, but it was still a really good movie. A lot of people didn't feel for Rigg, I did, I thought he was a great character in the movie. Tobin Bell, of course was excellent, I saw him in another movie, not to long ago, a comedy, and it was really funny, and my husband says, "I can't believe that's the same guy who plays Jigsaw".

Jigsaw is back, well, kinda, he's dead, but he still has one last game to play, or maybe a few. Donnie Wahlberg, I've loved him since NKOTB, was amazing in this film, like he's been in the last 2 movies.

I'm not going to give anything away/spoil the movie for you, because it was a great movie, but it certainly wasn't the best, but not the worst. This movie, even when it was over, my heart was still pounding away..., it definitely got my adrenaline boosted that's for sure.

All-in-all it was a great movie, there's a lot of loose ends from the past 3 movies that come together in this one too, great dialogue and action, suspenseful for sure, a little too much gore for my liking, but you can't have a thriller without a little gore. Tobin Bell should get an Oscar for this movie for sure!
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The Notebook (2004)
Where can I find this notebook?
16 January 2008
First of all, I loved the movie. It's THE greatest love story of all time. I have looked in every bookstore that I come across for a great love story, but I can't find one. I want to know where I can find "the notebook". It's an amazing tale about life and love. It's got moments that make you laugh, cry and just be happy for who you are.

Secondly, I'm so proud that i'm Canadian, and the fact that we have many talented actors, such as Mike Myers, Jim Carrey, Keanu Reeves...oh ya, Rachael McAdams and Ryan Gosling.

I've seen Ryan Gosling in "Murder by Numbers" with Sandra Bullock, and although he was hott in that movie, he kind of had a devilish look to him, but when I saw him in "The Notebook" he was like a saint, love his smile by the way.

This movie is great, love Gina Rowlands and James Garner too, both were great. Wonderful story, fantastic writing, the acting was very incredible. I gave this movie a 10 out of 10, because it's the most romantic movie of all my mother-in-law says, "make sure you got a box of Kleenex handy".
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I now pronounce you......Sandler and James
16 January 2008
Adam Sandler and Kevin James play Chuck and Larry, two Brooklyn firefighters, who are also best buddies willing to do anything to help each other. Until....

I'm not going to give away the story, because it's really funny. Let me just say this, Kevin James' character Larry has just lost his wife, and he needs to collect benefits to support his 2 kids, and one way to collect those benefits is to re-marry. However, like some widows they find that a new wife, can't replace the one they lost, so he decides to replace his late wife with Adam Sandler. I have to agree Adam Sandler, would make a great husband, he's charming, funny and has got a great sense of humor.

I love the fact that they included Niagra Falls, Canada in this movie, because of the fact that we allow gay marriages. Rob Schneider is very funny as the priest, and a couple more Adam Sandler movie regulars are in it as well. Jessica Biel is great as their social worker, I guess that's what you call her.

The story is great, lot's of laughs, a few heart-to-heart moments, and it proves that anybody will do anything to help a friend in need, and I mean....ANYTHING. It scored a 7 with me, could it have been better, possibly, but it's a must-see for any Adam Sandler fan.
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Still one of my favourite shows!
14 December 2007
I, myself am a kid at heart, meaning I love watching cartoons, still do! I remember watching Bugs Bunny when I was a kid, he was my favourite still is. I thought man, this was a great "new" show on TV, and than my dad said, "Bugs Bunny, I remember watching him when I was younger" and I'm like, "Dad, Bugs didn't exist when you were younger". So I guess he's definitely pleased more than one generation, possibly 3. I love the show it's great for kids and adults, OK, everybody. It's very funny, me and my husband, both in our 20s, love watching the shows, and we don't mind the re-runs either. This show brings back a lot of memories, happy ones. I love the Christmas special too with Tweety as Tiny Tim, it's cute. I can't pick my favourite Looney Toons character, because they've changed over the years. When I was little it was Bugs of course, and Porky Pig. Pepe is cool, I always loved him. Actually, I have to say there all my favourite. I'm giving this show a 10 out of 10, because it's a great show for all ages, very funny, voice acting is incredible, the only flaw is that unfortunately it came to an end, 2 decades ago, but the re-runs are great!
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10/10 biggest wish came true....
28 September 2007
When I was a kid, growing up watching the Brady Bunch TV series, I always wished that they would show up in my living room everyday. Well my biggest wish has come true, thanks to Hollywood, gotta love them for that.

The Brady Bunch Movie is kinda the same as the TV show, you gotta see the TV show to understand the movie. Let me tell you, I haven't seen every episode of the series, only about 10-15 of them, and I loved the movies.

Gary Cole got to give him hands down, he did awesome. I didn't think that anybody could do an awesome job, well like Robert Reed, but he did awesome. I actually found his portrayal of Mike Brady more believable than Robert's hmmm.

Shelley Long did a great portrayal of Carol Brady, she even looks just like Florence Henderson did in the original, love the flip hair-do too. Along with Shelley and Gary the rest of the cast was dead-on.

I can't tell you the story line, because it would give away the movie and I don't wanna do that, I want you guys to go out and see the movie. So here's what I will tell you, the acting was incredible, much better than the original series, there were a lot of better jokes as well. The story line was very well done, and it didn't skip a beat. I got to give it to the designer/set guys they did awesome, I wonder if they borrowed stuff from the set of the Brady Bunch because everything looked like it.

Anyways, this movie is great, it's one of the best movies based on a TV series, what am I talking about, it is the best! I loved it, had a great time sharing my time at home with the Brady's. So once again Hollywood, thanks for making my biggest wish come true.
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Evolution rocks!
8 September 2007
This movie is one of the best horror movies, and yes it did surpass the sequel by FAR! Kate is back and so is Scott Speedman, he did awesome in the first movie, and yes loved them both in this movie.

This movie had a lot more action, quite a bit more gore, but even though I don't really like was okay. I did not get totally grossed out, but I think the suspense takes your mind away from all that gore.

I'm not giving this movie a 10 out of 10, but the acting was awesome, the suspense was horrifying. I can't give away the movie, you'll have to see it for yourself, it's awesome, kicks major butt!
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Epic Movie (2007)
What are people thinking.........
17 August 2007
I think people are out there attacking movies, I've seen one review where somebody gave this movie a 1, which is the worst it could ever be, obviously this person hasn't seen any BAD movies.

This movie is definitely not the worst, I've seen all the movies that this movie parodies, and let me tell you it is very funny. I don't really have a favourite character in this movie, however I did love Jennifer Coolidge as "White Bitch". I thought she was very funny, along with Adam Campbell from "Date Movie" and Kal Penn from "Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle".

It parodies such movies as, "Harry Potter", "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe", "Pirates of the Caribbean" and Superman 4", along with a few others. I loved the parodies and let me tell you they were really funny.

Like I said, this isn't the worst movie I've ever seen, but it's not the best, so that's why I'm giving it a 6. I know most people are thinking, "what the heck am I thinking" but I got to tell you guys, there are worse movies out there, trust me. This movie got a few laughs out of me, OK more than a few, yes there were parts of the movie that was a little boring, but than it picked up again. I'm definitely getting this movie when it comes out on Blu-ray!
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Date Movie (2006)
I thought this movie was hilarious!
17 August 2007
I got to tell you first of all, I'm a huge fan of the Scary Movie series, personally because I love making fun and poking at the errors in horror movies.

However, this movie spoofs "chick flicks". I got to tell you I have seen all of the chick flicks that are referenced in this movie, and they are all great. Some of my favourite "chick flicks" were spoofed in this movie, like "Pretty Woman", "How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days", "What Women Want" and "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", just to name a few.

Alyson Hannigan & Adam Campbell make a great pair, I loved the two of them in this movie. She was perfect in American Pie, and I thought wow, she's hilarious. Adam Campbell, I've never heard the name before, but I've seen him in a few movies and I like him, he's very funny.

A lot of people weren't very fond of this movie, and I don't know why, was it the worst movie ever, no way, I've seen a lot worse, trust me. Was it the best movie? Not really, I have seen better, however, I didn't hate this movie, I loved it. I thought it was really, really funny. The scene when they parody, "When Harry Met Sally" was the most memorable to me, along with a few others.

All in all, I thought this movie was great, I'm giving it a 6 though, because it's not the best, but it's definitely not the worst.
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Not the best, but still a great movie.
3 June 2007
I loved this movie, and I think it was a great finale to the Shrek series. It wasn't the best movie that I've seen, but it was still a great movie.

I loved how they brought back Antonio Banderaz as Puss In Boots, and I think he was my favourite in this movie, besides the lovable ogre Shrek. This movie made me laugh and cry in all the right places, at times it was touching and others times it was hilarious. Needless to say, it definitely tickled my funny bone.

The story in this movie is very good, like I said it has it's hilarious moments and some tender ones as well. I'm not going to give away the story, but it was really good. Along with humor it also has villains as well, and even though I thought the movie was really great, i'm going to have to give Shrek 2 my vote.

However, if your a fan of the Shrek series, this isn't one to miss, it's a great movie for the whole family to enjoy.
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Scary Movie (2000)
Loved it!
16 March 2007
This movie is very funny and it spawned a series of sequels, there's talk about a fifth one coming out. Shawn and Marlon Wayans are hilarious, loved them in the Wayans Brothers TV show. This movie is hilarious, it takes all those teen horror flicks and parodies them. What movies does it parody you might ask, well flicks like "Scream", "I Know What You Did Last Summer" and the unforgettable, "The Sixth Sense".

I love Anna Faris as well, she's so talented, hard to believe this is her first movie. She's very funny, Baywatch fans will love Carmen Electra in her cameo role. Jon Abrahams, he's very funny to, all around good guy. Lochlyn Monroe, totally loved him in this, Shannon Elizabeth too, she's great at doing a parody of Sarah Michelle Gellar.

The movie is pretty funny, if you thought "Scream" was pretty hokey, you'll love this movie, it's pretty good. It does have some toilet humor, but hey, what teen movie doesn't. It's really funny. I remember when this movie came out on VHS, I had to rent it at least 3 times, before I bought it, just so I could show everybody how funny it was. There's a lot of great lines, as well great acting, oh they also parody the "Matrix" it's good. Watch it and see how many movies you can see that they made fun of. It's great.
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Mallrats (1995)
Mallrats is cool!
15 October 2006
OK, so I was going to the mall the other day and I saw two guys just hanging out at the mall walking around, not buying anything, and I thought of this movie. Jason Lee (star of "My Name is Earl") plays Brody and Jeremy London plays T.S. Quint, two guys who just hang out at the mall all day, because well...they have nothing better to do. This movie is definitely one of the better movies in the Kevin Smith series. I loved it because they took 2 guys, who are just like pretty much everybody else, yes, they have relationship issues, and they still live at home with their parents, and enjoy comic books and video games, but they made them 2 of the main characters. Kevin Smith stars again as Silent Bob, and of course we have Silent Bob's side-kick Jay (Jason Mewes).

This movie is really funny, and it made me a huge fan of Jay and Silent Bob, oh and of course Jason Lee. I didn't really knew who Jason Lee was when I first watched this movie like over 10 years ago, but now I am definitely a HUGE fan of his. My school guidance councellor asked me what I wanted to be in the future, I didn't see geeks who hang out at the mall all day on there. Oh, by the way watch for Ethan Suplee who also stars in Earl as the "magic eye guy". It's funny because like Ethan Suplee I can't seem to find the darn picture no matter what I do.

So to sum it all up, it's pretty funny, it's got a great cast, there's a couple of other names in the cast, Shannon Dogherty and Joey Lauren Adams to name a few of them, oh did I mention comic book genius Stan Lee is in it as well. Yes, it's a good movie, very funny, great cast and there's a lot of laughs to be had. I don't want to spoil anything....but you got to hear Jason Lee's "cat" story at the beginning of the movie, and that is why I gave this movie 10 out of 10.
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Karaoke Revolution Party (2005 Video Game)
Love it!
20 August 2006
I totally love this game, I'm a huge Karaoke fan, and when I heard that they were going to incorporate Karaoke into a video game, I was like, OMG, my ultimate dream come true. It really is a fun game, the only thing you have to do is sing. Even if you can't sing really well, it's OK because the game will tell you if your pitch is off. Maybe you sing to high, or maybe you sing to low, it will let you know. When you've hit the pitch a little green arrow will appear on the line if the arrow is red it means your pitch is to high or to low. The game has a lot of great songs, most of them are from the 80s, which is great for me, because I'm an 80s child, and I love singing/listening to all the great hits of the 80s. So you need two things to play a game system, I have PS2, (and it works really well), and a microphone that's compatible with your game system. You get ranked on your performance to and you can pick the difficulty that ranges from easy to expert. Personally I stick with the easy difficulty because sometime I sing a little off key, but who knows, maybe i'll eventually make my way to expert.

Yes, I've already said I love this game, and that's why I gave it a 10 out of 10. The thing I loved about it is, when you sing songs you can unlock certain items like clothing and different characters to choose from. There is a create-a-character mode which I love about it, and it even gives you the difficulty of the song, 1 note means it's easy and 3 notes mean it's a more difficult song. Yes, it does have a lot of great hits like ones by the Police, Aerosmith, Madonna, Lionel Ritchie, B.T.O., and many more great hits by great artists.

So yes to sum it up, it's a great game with great songs, great characters and yes you do have a lot of fun. Oh, it also has a medley mode, where you can pick 3-8 songs to sing from, and it plays a medley of them, and it's really fun too, especially if you don't know the whole song, just parts of it. As you can probably tell I have a great time with it, and so does my whole family. That's probably why it's Rated E for everybody, because everybody will want to play it.
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Ray (I) (2004)
Ray is the man!
2 August 2006
I love this movie, it's one of my favourite documentaries about a singer/musician. Ray Charles Robinson is a man who went beyond his limitations and became a star. Ray Charles was just an ordinary man, same as anybody else, that all turned down-hill when he went blind at a young age. Even though Ray was blind, he still had one passion in life, and that was to play the piano. Jamie Foxx deserved the Academy Award win for this movie, and I was very proud that he won. Jamie does an awesome job at portraying one of the greatest musicians of our time. I was very saddened at the loss of Ray Charles. Ray is an inspiration in many, many ways, because he went beyond his own expectations, his families and the doctors that tried to help him cope with his blindness. One of my favourite songs by Ray Charles is, "Georgia On My Mind" and I was very happy to hear Jamie sing it in the movie, oh and of course, everybody's favourite, "Hit The Road Jack", it was wonderful.

I gave this movie 10 out of 10, because yes the story was wonderful, the talent unbelievable. Jamie was incredible, and it's amazing how he portrayed Ray Charles to a tee. This movie is definitely one of my favourites, and I invite anybody who's heard Ray Charles or who's a fan, even those that aren't but they love great soul songs to watch this, it's incredible!
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We need the O-needers
2 August 2006
The O-Needers rock my world. LOL, OK so it's the One-ders, I get it now. OK, this movie takes place in the 1960s, when a lot of young guys started to create rock bands, i.e. Jim Morrison and John Fogerty. Unfortuneatly unlike Morrison and Fogerty the One-ders only had a one-hit song. That doesn't really matter though does it, because the song is really great, it was actually written by Tom Hanks, and it's played by the 4 gentlemen in the band. The song is called, "That Thing You Do", hence the movies title, and it's a really great song, nicely recorded and it's a catchy tune.

OK, so 4 guys get together in there garage and write this song, and they at a talent show and decide to start a record, which turns out to be a mega-hit, so they get a manager who gets them a couple gigs, and eventually Tom Hanks comes along and discovers that he can do more for the band than there previous manager, which he eventually does. However like all great bands from the 60s they have their rise and unfortunate fall. This movie explores that, and it does so in a great story.

I gave this movie 10 out of a possible 10, because it's a great movie, filled with great characters, a terrific story and a catchy soundtrack. It's got tons of lines mostly that come from Zahn. If your like me and you love rock and roll bands, this is a great story, I love it, it's one of my favourites!
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Is it Dumb? Or is it Dumber?
2 August 2006
OK, well let's start this review off with a good thing, first of all it wasn't what I thought, it was a lot better. I was thinking, OK, you got funny man Jim Carrey and straight man Jeff Daniels, how on earth are they going to pull it off. Well, let's just say they did, a lot of people didn't like this movie because they said it was DUMB. I got to tell you there are some DUMB parts in the movie, but they make the movie hilarious. We all know Harland Williams for his sense of humor, and yes, he does have a great part in the movie, loved his scene with the two lead actors.

Jim Carrey plays a limo driver, who drives Lauren Holly to the airport, and he ends up having a crush on her. Lauren leaves a suitcase at the airport and the movie is about Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels giving everything up so they can give the suitcase back to Lauren. Will the boys make it in time? Well, they might be delayed by a few bad guys, a state trooper and a whole bunch of crazies.

I loved this movie though, I thought it was really funny. Jim Carrey is hilarious of course, duh, everybody that's seen one of his movies knows that, and Jeff Daniels he shows that he's got a great sense of humor to, and the guys just play it off one another perfectly. I love Lauren Holly's look that she gives the camera when Lloyd (Jim Carrey) comes up and hugs her, it's priceless. I chose to give this movie a 7 out of 10, because yes it is a good movie, it's one of those movies though where you laugh at the actors and the story because it's so dumb, it's funny. There were a lot of great scenes, and the actors were wonderful, it's got a good story, a couple memorable lines, but the potty humor kind of got to me, a little too much for my taste.
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Road Trip (2000)
Road Trip Rocks!
2 August 2006
This movie is the best road movie for teens. It's one of my favourite road movies since Thelma and Louise. Josh Parker goes to a different college from his childhood/highschool sweetheart Tiffany. So Josh's friend E.L. says that the only way Josh is gonna get laid, is to go to a party at his house and hook up with a chick, Beth. So Josh goes to the party, and he ends up having sex with her, and they videotape it. Josh also sends his girlfriend in Austin, TX video messages, but his roommate accidentally ships out the "video tape". Oh man, what's our boy Josh going to do. Well, he might take 2 of his friends and a nerd DJ Qualls, to help him out with the cash, as the 4 college freshmen go to Austin, Texas to attempt to try and get the video back before it reaches Tiffany. Will they succeed? One things for sure, it's going to be one heck of a party! I loved this movie, I thought it was really funny, and was very happy to see Seann W. Scott in this flick. Keep in mind though, that it does have some humor that teens and adults mostly male will enjoy. Me, I'm a female and I still loved it, because it was pretty funny, the cast was pretty well chosen. Oh, did I mention that Tom Green is in this movie to, and his name happens to be Barry Manilow. Wow..., no he doesn't portray the singer, it's just a name that they have in common.

I'm giving this movie 8 out of 10, because yes, it was funny, it had some tender moments, mostly big laughs, the cast was well chosen, the lines unforgettable (my brother and me still repeat some of them to this day). Unfortunately I was a little bit disappointed that Tom Green doesn't have a bigger part, because I think he's something. However, yes it is a pretty good movie if you love potty humor and sexual jokes.
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