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Original Sin (2001)
self-indulgent- endless - plot less
1 March 2006
That said - the locations are gorgeous and so is the music. Jolie and Banderas' acting is really good.

The cinematographer seems to be saying "look at them lips, what gorgeous movie stars these are, look at 'em!" instead of creating a quality film. It's a shabby script with cheap shots (endless lingerie and bodices, lip-cam for Angelina and a lot of "hint,hint" shots, a bad guy that comes back to life, and other gimmicks). The suspense isn't there (but it's supposed to be) & the story is dull as plastic scissors. The other actors are weak!! There aren't any real character actors, just walk-ons. And a lot of cardboard performances outside of the two stars.

The story drags on (it's much too long) and it's dull (though it's supposed to be film noir-ish).
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Dream On (1990–1996)
terrific adult TV comedy !
7 November 2005
Witty literate sexy well-acted with a "dream" cast & continuously amazing guest stars (everyone who's anyone). Very very funny& and very very clever! No wonder it was overlooked! The prudish hypocrites on network TV can't stand it. Sex on network TV is usually crude, contrived or sneakily suggestive, whereas Dream on's sex was sophisticated and hilarious! I loved the cast and have been rooting for their careers every since. The sad part is how seldom we see Brian Benben. Where is he now - indeed! I loved the TV recollections (actually reminded me of Mystery science Theater's clever quips). Actually, one of the reasons the show is so seldom re-run might have to do with copyright restrictions. MST3K ran into this problem also, and even though they ran for a full 7 years, many episodes still cannot be made into DVDs. Complex negotiations must be completed in order for the films contained within the episodes to be shown. Lawyers! You gotta love em (or not).

Anyway, that could be the reason why dream on seems so "ignored" and why it's so rarely shown. It's too bad, especially because the showing of the clips was done with such creative flair!

I really miss this series and just might have to pick up the DVD!
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good TV movie
7 November 2005
Very good for a TV movie! Good acting & directing. Walker's wife was particularly good (thought she was Charlize Theron). The story was told with some subtlety and portrayed the anguish when one's sibling turns out to be VERY troubled.... and the conflict between justice and mercy in trying to get closure. We've seen so many depictions of cruel, autocratic bible-belt fathers and the damage they can do to their families, but this was a sensitive and subtle version of a much-repeated story.

(When you're having a rough day, and all you have energy for is watching TV movies, it's a lucky break to find one this well done. Of course, I am biased. Can't help but feel a bit favorable toward anything with the delightful "Chris Stevens" in it)!
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