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"Impact" (2009)
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Aw come on, it's just a fun & entertaining movie with a unique twist, 6 September 2009

Let's face it folks this is a low budget made for TV flick. I'm looking for entertainment and the premise of the moon hitting the earth is a spell-binding one.

It's also Sci-Fi so it's fine to stretch the facts. I'm a professional writer and will admit I'm a bit surprised there wasn't more research on the "real physics." A few hours with a Cal-Tech Professor would have cleared that up, especially regarding Kepler's Law and the difference between magnetism & gravity. But really who cares! If you want to know astrophysics, take a course at your local community college!

Anyway the movie is well paced and edited. Every scene advances the story line nicely. I didn't have time to pick apart details. CGI can be weak, but it gets the story told. Can you say the words, "LOW BUDGET." Despite "Impact's" fours hours the film never lost my attention. That's my definition of a "good, OK, film." I include the "sleepy factor" in rating pictures and I was wide awake for all 240 minutes.

Remember the Walt Disney quote, "The Plausible Impossible?" Sure fits here.

Julia (2008)
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Sad Box Office For Julia, 23 August 2009

I found "Julia" to be very odd but fascinating, with an outstanding performance by Swinton of an totally unlikeable character.

Even if she is a total alcoholic I don't she'd really do much of what was scripted, especially with the boy.

The "turn around" ending is far too short and unresolved. It's as if the producers said, "enough" and stopped filming.

"Julia" really required more thoughtful editing. The film is too long at 220 minutes.

The Mexican "bad guys" are way overplayed.

Many of the transitions throughout are hard to follow.

All that said, it deserved a much better BO. Perhaps DVD rental will help.