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Hancock (2008)
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I don't care how charming Will Smith is..., 7 July 2008

...this is the worst film of his since "Wild Wild West". Seriously. Now, here's an actor who has had many great films over the years, and built up our trust because of them (I am Legend, Men in Black, Pursuit of happiness, Ali, etc.). He has earned his status. Now this won't ruin his career, but Will you owe us...

...for sitting through an hour and a half of shaky camera that was better for independent movie-making, $150 million special effects that looked like they cost half as much, a few funny jokes but a bunch more that weren't, and a laughable 'twist' that made the whole story hokey and well, let's face it, stupid.

Semi-Pro (2008)
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You Like Will Ferrel? Go on ahead and see it then..., 14 March 2008

This movie hinges on one simple fact: do you or do you not just enjoy Will Ferrel?

If the answer to that is yes, then you will enjoy this a lot. Because there's not much new doing here: it's Ferell as another idiotic, self-loving, loud and beef-headed, dim-witted professional...insert obscure profession or athlete. This is just "Anchorman", "Ricky Bobby", "Blades of Glory", or what have you, except in basketball. If you enjoy those movies, and Will Ferrel's shameless antics (I'm not saying they're bad, I'm just saying I want to see him try something else now and then) then here's one for you.

But I also give kudos to the supporting players (like Woody Harrelson, who in a stroke of brilliance, is acting like he's in a real drama and not a spoof), the inspired 70's soundtracks and references. 6/10

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This is a total downer, 24 November 2005

This movie is a great historical film and depicts accurately what life in the war was like and how people coped with the ideology of war. Yet despite its many positive qualities it doe have some negative ones that in some aspects out weight the good one. This movie gets you emotionally attached to the characters and then the directors systematically kills them off almost to spite the audience and laugh in their faces. I understand that war is brutal and there are lots of fatalities and what not but kill off any soldiers that people immediately grew attached to was just dumb on the directors part. THis is why I personally will never watch this movie again because not even one decent solider was left living at the end that you cared for.