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Please! (2001)
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Powerful and Emotional, 6 November 2005

An incredibly strong and cohesive short film. Performances, particularly Butler's, are impressive and moving. And there is, among all the emotional turmoil, a touch of humor as well (his communication problems in his agents office). Butler shows a depth to his character he has not often been called upon to provide. Clearly shows he is capable of much more than has been demanded of him to date. Powerful ending with an emotional punch that will stay with you for a bit. I was very pleased to have seen it although my internet connection was not of the best quality which made it difficult to view - but well worth it. I, too , wish they would put a cleaned up copy out on DVD.

Fast Food (1999)
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Worth a Look, 6 November 2005

I was surprised how much I liked this film. It's pretentious, funny, violent, kinky, sweet, sensitive, fast-paced, obvious, clever, artsy - you name it but, as a previous poster said, very sincere and somehow it all works most of the time. All of the players are good but Benny and his friends really got to me. I'm still wondering how they're getting along. It's a typical crime exploitation, low budget kind of film so if you're easily shocked it's not your thing but I was rather pleasantly surprised at the quality, in general, and really did enjoy it. I almost rated it a bit higher but all in all it's not gonna be everyone's kind of film experience. Definitely worth a look.