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Reckless (1995)
The Saddest Movie I have ever seen, 4 September 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Mia Farrow in an improbable tale of woe rivaling a Shakespearian tragedy for sheer unfortunate-ness. If this movie had a more revealing title I suppose I would call it "the nastiest of consequences for the most innocent and well-intentioned of actions." All the characters you like will be punished (not a spoiler - as we may not like the same characters). From bad to worse, from lonely to destitute, from depressing to macabre: this movie will make you feel better about you. Wherever you are, this lady is lower. The sympathy and camaraderie this movie generates for it's soft-spoken well-meaning heroine is the sharp tip that drives the depressing point home. The character's unwavering goodness in the face of (well I suppose it is rather conspicuous) misfortune is inspirational. Beautiful. I want to live again.