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Reminded me of the old Godzilla movies, 6 October 2007

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Am I going to recommend this to my friends? No. OK, I get why people didn't like it. I'm not going to bother making a list of the flaws this movie had because that has been done on this board several times.

In it's favor I have to say that I was entertained by a lot of this movie. I thought the army scenes were exciting and the scenes with the serpents/dragons were engaging and exciting as well. I loved the Dragon scenes!

The dialog parts of the film really dragged out for me. The acting was seriously like as bad as late night Cinemax soft core and the plot holes were more like cavernous trenches.

But the old Godzilla movies were like that for me as well. I catch those on TV and I always watch. They are campy and fun, but I always wish the actors would shut up. In this I felt the same way and I have to say that I was rooting for the dragons/army during the people vs. dragon/army scenes.

I give this movie a 6 for the action and for having dragons. I have to admit that I will watch just about any pile of pootie movie if it has dragons in it, but I have seen many movies and I have seen a lot worse than this one (and a lot better).

If you see this movie, leave your brain at the door and bring in some candy or popcorn for the talkie parts and you should be OK.

By the way, someone on these boards said this movie was worse than House of the Dead... maybe that's why I didn't mind this one so much. I have to say that House of the Dead was much worse.

By the way, I feel like I should disclose that I dragged my boyfriend to see this with me and he hated it.

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My favorite movie at Horrorfest!, 20 November 2006

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This was by far by favorite Horrorfest movie. You can see a synopsis of the movie above, so I'm not going to bother going into detail with that. What I will say is that this was some great supernatural indie horror. There is a kill within the first 5 minutes of the movie, which to me is a bonus... and then the story begins. It's an introduction of characters basically, but it didn't bore me and they didn't spend too much time on that before creepiness ensues. Dominic Purcell from Prison Break was the lead and I thought he was great! I see a lot of people that weren't happy with the way the ghosts looked and the big head at the end... but I thought the ghosts looked awesome... and the head thing just added to the action. What would have probably been better at the end was if they would have run outside and POOF, it was daylight and it was all over. I did however think that they over reached a bit with the pyro scene, and the ax wielding ghost that didn't really move in a couple of scenes... but hey that's OK. For an indie horror film the effects were impossibly good.. and if you see a lot of indie horror films you know what I mean. This movie was a fun ride... and if you're looking for that and you can get over some of the CGI and effects then I would think you would have a great time!

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My Favorite Movie, 8 August 2006

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Before anyone dismisses that "My Favorite Movie" thing... it's just my opinion. I believe that I see more movies then your average Joe, and while I can't say that it's the strongest movie ever made technically, a girl can't help what or who she falls in love with and I fell in love with Velvet Goldmine and I continue to be in love with it. I originally saw Velvet Goldmine in 1999 (I think), I rented it and I wasn't sure what to expect... but it looked interesting. I brought it home, watched it, and I HAD to have the soundtrack (which I listened to on a constant loop for months!) It's a great time, fantastic music, extreme hotness and it tells a story about love, the magic of a time and how the memory of the same love and magic that lifted you up can break you. It also tells the story of what it's like to give your heart to a self indulgent, self destructive star and have them crap all over it. It tells other stories as well... it's just fantastic. Yayyyyyyy Glitter!!!!!!!!!!

The Item (1999)
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The worst movie I've ever seen.... E V E R, 17 April 2006

I've seen so many movies and when somebody who is a movie buff like me throws out the term "the worst movie i've ever seen", that is a comment to be taken seriously. I sat through the entire movie for one reason... 5 minutes through the movie I thought "This might be the worst movie I've ever seen"... I was curious. It kept getting worse and worse... it was so painful!!!!! Everything about this movie was horrible! You know, all I really ask of my horror movie rental experience is that it's not made by someone with a hand-held camera (excluding Blair Witch) and has SOME kind of entertainment value. This movie should have had a huge brown scratch and sniff turd on the cover. If you see this film on the shelf, run away. Warn others.