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Yes its been done before,but not like this., 29 November 2009

Harry Brown is a proud person trying to mind his own business in a ever increasing violent society where values and morales are nil.We all are this person,see it ignore it,avoid it,until it affects you.The plot then gets into familiar territory covered many times in other films but the difference is the hero might be the old man who lives next door,or is he an anti hero?.We see the protagonists every time we walk into an inner city area,we cross the road to avoid them,we wonder why the police don't do anything about them.This is more than a film,this is inner city reality in this country to-day.As a film it is good entertainment,but I found it more important as a social comment of what this country has become.Highly recommended.Just a note about the performance of the gang ringleader,very disturbing and realistic,if you live in this type of place you will know someone just like him.

Santa Buddies (2009) (V)
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Like too much pudding,very very sickly!, 5 November 2009

Trying to write a review as a six year old is not easy,because any body much over this age will almost despise this film.If you have seen the buddy films you will know what i mean but this takes sickly sweet to a new level,don't get me wrong ,im not a killjoy and its a wonderful life is one of my favourite films of all time but as an adult this really did make me cringe.Yes i know its a kids film but most kids today a a little more critical of what they see than we probably were as kids.Would rate this 5 for young children and 3 for everybody else,Watch out for the pup singing a Christmas song,the most cringe-worthy moment of all the Christmas films i have ever seen,I hope that is not considered a spoiler as it doesn't give anything away.

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If you think you are right, 26 October 2009

If you are looking for a thought provoking movie,although not to thought provoking this is for you,Who is the villain,who is the hero?This is the real subject of the film,thats the thought provoking bit.You will be on the edge of your seat from start to finish the acting is good,the story is good and the moral,well what would you do?Don't write many reviews but this film makes me think,if a film makes me think and entertains me then its pretty well done its job,See it ,think about it enjoy it,above all don't take it too seriously or you could need therapy, when you think about the morals of this movie,who is right ,who is wrong,what would you do?I know my answer.

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A scary vision of the near future., 2 February 2007

I have never read the novel on which this film is based,but living in the north of england with a large immigrant population some aspects of this compelling film frightened the life out of me.The story is not new,but the vision of this future is scary, maybe because it is a little to close for comfort.I could go on about the performance of the actors but when you have Micheal Caine,Clive Owen,and Julianne Moore you know its not going to be a duff movie.Full marks to the style in this film was shot ,which adds to the feel ,almost like a news crew filming at times,(leaving the blood on the lens was a masterstroke,this was real shock value.)A very disturbing film ,but it still managed to keep me on the edge of my seat.

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A story of true heroism., 6 May 2006

I watch a lot of films but have never felt the need to contribute a review of any kind before.Many films can show the brutality of war but i was moved to tears by the treatment of the prisoners and the barbarity of the Japanese in this factual story.The cast of relatively unknown actors (to me anyway)pulled me into this account of America's most succsesful p.o.w.retrieval in history,Don't get me wrong ,this is far from a gung ho movie but a very well made account of these events. Full marks must go to the location shooting and the direction for the splendid work on this film. I would recommend this film to anyone with an interest in history,or anyone who enjoys a true story well made.